About Circular Edinburgh

About Circular Edinburgh

Circular Edinburgh, managed by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, is working to investigate the opportunities around the circular economy and the support on offer for business.

With the increasing pressures on finite materials, a circular economy provides an alternative to our current “take make dispose” approach. It looks to keep the flow of materials and products within the economy for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use.  It’s where businesses, industry and consumers work together to make things last.

Take a look at the latest case studies from organisations such as Vegware, The Edinburgh Remakery and much more.

Circular Economy Top Tips

Circular Edinburgh has developed Circular Economy Top Tip information sheets for each of our key sectors to help businesses understand what circular economy is, the benefits it can bring to businesses as well as five top tips for implementing circular economy principles.

Please get in touch with the Circular Economy team for more information.