Circular Edinburgh

Circular Edinburgh, managed by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, is working to investigate the opportunities around the circular economy and the support on offer for business.

With the increasing pressures on finite materials, a circular economy provides an alternative to our current “take make dispose” approach. It looks to keep the flow of materials and products within the economy for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use.  It’s where businesses, industry and consumers work together to make things last.

The circular economy approach develops new business models, designs products more smartly, re-manufactures and reprocesses materials to create new products from old, and repairs what we can – It looks to sustainability, where everything has value and very little is wasted.

Scotland is well placed to develop a more circular economy. Businesses are already capitalising on the vast benefits of being circular, through new business models, through collaboration and by identifying and developing sustainable opportunities for innovation and increased profitability. This helps improve competitive advantage whilst addressing the issue of resource efficiency.

The potential value to the local economy for Edinburgh is set out in a report commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland which highlights the economic opportunities unique to Scotland’s capital, including proposals to maximise the circular opportunities in Edinburgh’s huge festivals and hospitality market, and the Facilities Management sector. This report was produced with the assistance of the Edinburgh Chamber of commerce and written by an independent consultant Jacobs. Please follow the this link to read the report: ZWS CE Opportunities Edinburgh

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Circular Economy Top Tips

Circular Edinburgh has developed Circular Economy Top Tip information sheets for each of our key sectors to help businesses understand what circular economy is, the benefits it can bring to businesses as well as five top tips for implementing circular economy principles.

Top Tips for the Construction Sector

Top Tips for the Food and Drink Sector

Top Tips for the Festivals and Events Sector

Top Tips for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Top Tips for the IT Sector 

Top Tips for the Creative Industry Sector 

Top Tips for the Facilities Management Sector

Top Tips for the Professional Services Sector

Simple ways to save money on your lighting

Circular Edinburgh with the help of Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Business Support Service, has developed a helpful guide which includes tips and advice on ways you can save money over the winter months by being more efficient about how you use your lights at work. Following the simple tips will help you save money and cut out some of your carbon emissions.

You can download the free guide HERE


Circular Edinburgh Webinars

At the start of June we hosted our first live webinar which focused on the Circular Economy.

This interactive webinar led by Rob Snaith, Ricardo EE, focused on the benefits of circular economy for businesses, what economic opportunities it can bring as well as encouraging businesses to consider implementing circular economy principles

You can watch our webinar The Circular Office: Adapting to Change in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland here.

Take a look at our latest webinar, Green Recovery for Edinburgh below.

The Circular Edinburgh team worked in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland in November 2020 to host a complimentary workshop on the opportunities and benefits of circular economy in the construction sector.

You can watch the recording below.

The Circular Edinburgh team recently delivered an interactive webinar to focus on the opportunities for a circular economy in the Fashion and Textiles sector.

You can watch the recording below.