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Business Comment Magazine


Business Comment is the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine. It provides insight on Edinburgh’s vibrant business community, with features on the city’s key sectors, interviews with leading figures and news on business developments in the capital.

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  • Our Latest Issue

    Economy and Resilience

    August/September 2022

    In this edition, we hear from Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive at our International Airport, who reports on progress in bringing the airport back on line after two years of massive disruption.

    We are delighted that Councillor Jane Meagher, the city council’s Housing, Homelessness, and Fair Work convener has taken the time to pen her thoughts on our economic recovery.

    Looking outside of the city centre, Alan Laidlaw, Chief Executive at the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland, reminds us that outside the city the rural economy plays a vital role in Scotland’s success.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Business Comment - Digital & Data

    June/July - 2022

    In this issue of Business Comment, we look at just how important digital skills and the current and future role of data will be – not only for our economy but across all areas of our daily lives, from getting around the city to how we manage our healthcare.

    We also look at the importance of digital apprenticeships – essential within our SME sector – accounting for half of all jobs – can harness connectivity to improve productivity, and at how a range of our key institutions – from our festivals to our universities – are harnessing the power of data and digital.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Connectivity and International Trade

    April/May 2022

    Edinburgh is a City that looks outwards to the world, and that the world looks to us as a place to visit, and to do business. To stay special, we need to stay connected. Read our April/May 2022 edition of Business Comment as we explore how the City and businesses within are using technology and international connections to further connect Scotland’s Capital to the rest of the world.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Transport and Infrastructure

    Feb/March 2022

    Welcome to the latest issue of Business Comment, which focuses on Transport and Infrastructure. Transport & Infrastructure. These are key sectors which support and enable businesses and our economy, and they are vitally important as we move towards a just transition to a greener future.

  • Our Latest Issue

    People, Skills and the Future Workforce

    Dec/Jan 2022

    In recent months, a vital topic for businesses of all shapes and sizes to focus on has been skills and the development of our most important asset – people. In this issue of the magazine, we look at what some businesses are doing to play their part. In particular, the collaboration highlighted between aerospace engineering company Leonardo and Heriot-Watt University to create a new software graduate apprenticeship which has proven hugely valuable.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Innovation and Sustainability

    October / November 2021

    Inside this edition of Business Comment, we explore ambitious plans to create a Renewables Hub at Leith Docks; how our agriculture sector is contributing to the push for net zero; the extraordinary range of work being carried out at the University of Edinburgh both in terms of their own push for operational net zero and their world-leading research and more.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Economy and Resilience

    August/September 2021

     In this edition, we hear from you, the Edinburgh business community that has played such a vital role in the economic restart of the city. Articles from our members include; how businesses are re-orientating their business models towards sustainability and net-zero, the importance of putting the mental wellbeing of staff at the forefront, the future of the city centre landscape and how to maximise your membership in this unpredictable time.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Community, Culture and Heritage

    June/July 2021

    As we head into the summer we would expect to see our city become the global focus for the arts and culture, particularly in August when the Edinburgh International Festival and the Festival
    Fringe take centre stage. This issue will look ahead as we return to normality with hybrid live and digital programmes designed to delight, educate, inform and connect. Something to look forward to and take pride in as our city continues its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Digital and Data

    April/ May

    This issue focusses on Digital, Data and Connectivity, very apt given our gradual emergence from the restrictions of the global pandemic and the impact on our lives and our businesses.

    For some sectors, business has continued relatively unscathed. Whilst perhaps not as “normal” as we once understood it, businesses have adapted to new working practices and we have seen our tech sector and financial services innovate and thrive.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Internationalisation and Connectivity

    February/ March

    Welcome to the February/ March edition of our Business Comment magazine, themed Internationalisation and Connectivity.

    In this edition, we focus on the importance of internationalism and global cooperation as we face a public health crisis unprecedented in modern times. Articles from our members include; advice on new rules, new paperwork, new obstacles when exporting, keeping connected close to home throughout the pandemic and how to navigate your international payments with the effects of Brexit.