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Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine

Business Comment Magazine

Business Comment is the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine. It provides insight on Edinburgh’s vibrant business community, with features on the city’s key sectors, interviews with leading figures and news on business developments in the capital.

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  • Our Latest Issue

    Digital and Data

    April/May 2020
  • Our Latest Issue

    Community, Culture and Heritage

    February/ March 2020

    In this issue, we look in our special reports at community, culture and heritage. Increasingly businesses are values driven, both by an increasingly values-savvy consumer and also by the innate desire of most businesses to be valued and valuable members of their communities, working for a common good. Businesses embedded in their communities, with a deep desire to contribute.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Innovation and Sustainability

    December/ January 20

    In this issue we focus on Innovation and Sustainability. From our reports, you will get a sense of the continued excellence of so much work by businesses and organisations across the City.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Transport and Infrastructure

    October/November 2019

    In this issue we begin to look at the future transformation of our capital.

  • Our Latest Issue


    August/ September 2019

    In this issue we look at Edinburgh’s role on the international stage, appropriately enough as the city revels in the annual influx of its world-famous international summer festivals.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Talent and Skills

    June/July 19

    In this issue, we hear from Philip Grant – the man whose name adorns Bank of Scotland banknotes as Chair of the Scottish Executive Committee at Lloyds Banking Group. In conversation with Michelle Fenwick, the Programme Director for Developing the Young Workforce in Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian, Philip tells us how he served his own apprenticeship in financial services as he began his rise to the top, and how he views apprenticeships as an opportunity for all.

  • Our Latest Issue

    April/May 2019

    In this issue, we examine how we grow our economy – and how we do that in an inclusive, responsible and sustainable way. To illustrate, we focus on two key areas: The vital part that data driven innovation is going to play in all our futures, and we look at the increasingly blurred lines between the public, private and third sectors in which our charities operate in an environment which demands increasing commercial abilities.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Digital, Data and Innovation

    February/March 2019

    In this issue, we examine the enormous potential of data driven innovation for Edinburgh. Our city has set its sights on becoming the data capital of Europe in  future years, driven largely by the excellence of our universities in this field, particularly the University of Edinburgh which enjoys global eminence in big data and artificial intelligence.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Community and Collaboration

    December/January 19

    In this issue, we’re looking at community and collaboration. At how businesses can work together with each other, and how they work within their communities. In particular, we look at the real benefits that can be gained by businesses setting aside their normal and understandable caution in favour of taking a bolder, more collaborative approach.

  • Our Latest Issue

    International and Trade

    October/ November

    In this issue, the publication focusses on International Businesses. The timing is appropriate, as the time for Brexit draws closer with no real clarity yet on the horizon to help guide businesses operating in an increasingly globalised marketplace.