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Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine

Business Comment Magazine

Business Comment is the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine. It provides insight on Edinburgh’s vibrant business community, with features on the city’s key sectors, interviews with leading figures and news on business developments in the capital.

Our magazine is produced by Distinctive Publishing. For more information and to enquire about advertising, please contact Distinctive on 0191 580 5990, referencing Business Comment. Edinburgh Chamber members benefit from a substantial discount on any advertising.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Community and Collaboration

    December/January 19

    In this issue, we’re looking at community and collaboration. At how businesses can work together with each other, and how they work within their communities. In particular, we look at the real benefits that can be gained by businesses setting aside their normal and understandable caution in favour of taking a bolder, more collaborative approach.

  • Our Latest Issue

    International and Trade

    October/ November

    In this issue, the publication focusses on International Businesses. The timing is appropriate, as the time for Brexit draws closer with no real clarity yet on the horizon to help guide businesses operating in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Skills, Talent and the Future Workforce


    In this issue, we look at something which is of shared and vital importance for all businesses, large and small – the thorny problem of attracting, training, developing and retaining skilled and talented people who can help our businesses grow.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Transport & Infastructure

    June/July 2018

    As businesses, we appreciate the vital role played by transport in our commercial lives – from getting people to and from their place of work, linking the supply chain, right through to providing our city with global connectivity perfectly illustrated in this magazine by Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands, who believes the future of transport in Scotland is bright with ambitious plans for 2032.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Economy & Growth

    Apr/May 2018

    Economy and Growth is the theme, vital for all businesses and all of our citizens. But while generating financial value is essential; when creating jobs, wealth and opportunity, we aren’t just interested in “how much?” Nowadays, the Capital’s business community is increasingly concerned at “how fair?”

  • Our Latest Issue

    Digital & Technology

    Feb/Mar 2018

    In this issue of the magazine, we provide a taste of the innovation which is going on in Edinburgh to ensure the city is successful now and into the future. For example, Openreach have chosen Edinburgh as one of the few cities to launch their superfast broadband Gfast technology, with download speeds up to 7x the UK average. If you want to know what that looks like – it means downloading a two-hour, HD movie in just 90 seconds.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Sustainability & Innovation

    Dec/Jan 2017-18

    Welcome to this issue of Business Comment, focused on the work of your Chamber and its members in innovation and sustainability. Creating new and sustainable ways of doing things, doing things better, and reducing waste from our systems are business critical issues – but they affect every facet of life.

  • Our Latest Issue

    Culture & Heritage

    Oct/Nov 2017

    This issue reflects and focuses on our city’s internationally renowned role as the world’s leading festival city, and looks at the role played by culture and heritage in Scotland’s Capital and in its continued success now and in the future.

  • Our Latest Issue

    People, Skills & Talent

    Aug/Sep 2017

    In this issue, the spotlight is shone firmly on an area that is key to the success of every business – the skills and talent of the people who work there. In Edinburgh, we have one of the most well-educated workforces to be found anywhere, but how do we maintain and build on that?