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Over the past year, the Chamber has been working hard to represent our members at all levels of policymaking and to influence on the issues that are most important to you. Some of our key ‘wins’ from the past year range from successfully opposing a proposed ban on New Year’s Day trading for large stores, to helping one of our members appeal a rejected Covid grant application. If you’d like to find out what else we’ve achieved for our members over the past year you can read this here .

Prospectus for Growth

We set up the Edinburgh Business Resilience Group in November 2020 to help shape the economic and business priorities for the city following the Coronavirus pandemic, to proactively pursue a stronger relationship between businesses and policymakers, and positively contribute to the rebuild and redesign of the city region economy. The Group is independently Chaired by Ian Marchant, Chairman of Dunelm Energy and former Chief Executive of SSE, and currently has around 60 members from a wide variety of sectors across the City.

Through the work of this group, we have pulled together a ‘Prospectus for Growth’ containing policy suggestions and ideas to help reset the relationship between business and policymakers, and ‘build forward’ to the kind of Edinburgh we all want to live in – fairer, more prosperous, more sustainable, and more resilient.

You can view our Prospectus for Growth document here.

Scottish Election 2021 – Why Edinburgh Matters

Ahead of the Holyrood elections on 6th May, Edinburgh Chamber, in consultation with our members, produced a manifesto document to outline what businesses need from the incoming Scottish Government.

Why Edinburgh Matters makes specific asks around skills, connectivity, infrastructure, investment and economic recovery – with a particular focus on Edinburgh’s city centre – the beating heart of Scotland’s capital.

You can download and read our full manifesto here.


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Upcoming policy events

We offer a range of policy events, from roundtables that allow members to discuss specific policy issues to keynote speaker events with policymakers and other influential stakeholders.

Policy news

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