Trade Documentation Services

Trade Documentation Services

The Chamber’s documentation service remains open with all services available.

Hours of business: Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-3.30pm

To contact the team – Call  0131 357 2736

The provision of correct, accurate and timely export documentation is a critical element in a successful international trade transaction. The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s International Division have a vast amount of experience in this area, and are able to assist in guiding companies through the documentation process.

The International Division offers a full Certification service, and is authorised to issue a range of documents.

Non Preferential Origin Trade Documents

Non Preferential Origin Trade Documents are required where the customer or the importing authorities require independent confirmation as to the origin of the goods being imported. In themselves these documents may not entitle the importer to claim any reduction in Duty Rates or other charges payable on importation, but may help ensure that goods comply with other import regulatory criteria.

These documents can come in two formats:

  • United Kingdom Certificates
  • Arab British Certificate of Origin – may be required for shipments to Arab League States

Preferential Trade Documents

Preferential Trade documents support claims for preferential rates of import duty payable on qualifying goods covered by Trade agreements.   EUR 1 certificates from the United Kingdom are now in place, some agreements have already been signed and there is a list of countries where they can now be used can be found here.


Legalisation is the process, whereby the UK based embassy of a country, will on request validate documents in support of trade with that country. Where necessary, this can be arranged by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce International Division.

ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets allow goods to be imported into overseas including European Union on a temporary basis for Exhibitions, Tradefairs, Commercial Samples etc. with minimum of Customs interventions.  Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is one of only three Chambers in Scotland authorised to process ATA Carnets.

Document Processing

We offer the facility where documents may be processed electronically. This allows exporters to print approved documents at their own premises, removing the need to present them manually, thereby reducing time and costs.

Member Discounts

Chamber members are also offered significant discounts on many of the documents detailed above.

For further information please contact our International Trade Division on 0131 357 2736 or e-mail either Yvonne or Annette.