Policy Groups

Policy Groups

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce currently has four active policy groups, each focusing on a specific priority – the Edinburgh Business Resilience Group, the Inspiring Talent Group, the Inspiring Communities Group and our Policy Group which oversees all areas of our policy work. Collectively, our policy groups exist to help gather and represent member views, as well as inform, formulate and drive forward our policy positions on key subjects.

The Policy Group

Our Policy Group was formed in 2018 by the President of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Jane Clark-Hutchison. Jane also chairs the group, which is made up of a range of senior members of our Council who represent businesses from key sectors of the city’s economy. The Policy Group is responsible for developing and agreeing with the Chamber’s policy strategy and priorities. You can read the Terms of Reference for the Policy Group here.

Inspiring Talent

Our Inspiring Talent group is made up of a cross-section of Education providers and Businesses, and aims to influence and contribute to the talent and skills agenda of the City for the benefit of all sectors. The group will do so by:

  • Consulting with businesses on long-term skills and talent needs
  • Bringing together educational organisations and businesses – from SME’s to large corporates – to form partnerships which will influence the skills agenda
  • Understanding and identifying what the skills and talent needs are within businesses in Edinburgh. With Brexit and the City Region Deal, there are lots of opportunities for employment but also gaps in some sectors
  • Sharing ways of working across sectors

You can read the group’s full Terms of Reference here. Minutes from the group’s meetings can also be found below:

Inspiring Communities

Our Inspiring Communities group brings together a cross-section of businesses, third sector and public sector organisations, to contribute to the Chamber’s ambition of building a strong, safe and settled socially just Capital City, where resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities are nurtured, and where business can thrive and contribute to a growing economy rooted in strong local communities. The group will:

  • Explore how the business and third sectors can best understand each other’s purpose and ambitions, and find the common ground between them
  • Move the relationship between business and charity from dependency on business sector’s benevolence to one where there is a sense of equal partnership, parity of esteem and common cause
  • Understand the inherent tensions partners on this journey of cultural change will experience and to turn them into opportunities

You can read the group’s full Terms of Reference here. Minutes from the group’s meetings can also be found below:

External engagement

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is involved with several boards, groups, and forums across Edinburgh. Whether it’s discussing the needs of our hard-hit members in the hospitality and tourism sector at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group, or taking part in the City Vision 2050 Steering Group to make sure that businesses are fairly represented in the City Council’s plans for the future of our city, we are constantly aiming to make sure that the key concerns of our members are represented in the areas that matter most to them. See below for a full list of the boards, groups and forums that we are members of:

If you have any queries about our Policy Groups please email us at policy@edinburghchamber.co.uk