Policy Groups

Policy Groups

Our policy groups exist to help gather and represent member views, as well as to inform, formulate, and advance our policy positions on key issues.

We currently have four active policy groups, each with a specific focus – the Edinburgh Business Resilience Group, the Inspiring Talent Group, the Inspiring Communities Group, and our Policy Group, which oversees all aspects of our policy work.

The Policy Group

This group, chaired by Chamber President Jane Clark Hutchison, is made up of a variety of senior leaders representing businesses from key sectors of the city’s economy. The Policy Group is responsible for developing and approving the Chamber’s policy strategy and priorities.

Inspiring Talent

Our Inspiring Talent group is made up of a diverse range of education providers and businesses, and its mission is to influence and contribute to the City’s talent and skills agenda for the benefit of all sectors.

You can read the group’s full Terms of Reference here.

Inspiring Communities

Our Inspiring Communities group brings together a cross-section of businesses, third sector and public sector organisations, to help the Chamber achieve its goal of creating a strong, safe, and settled socially just Capital City, where resilient, sustainable, and inclusive communities flourish, and where businesses can thrive and contribute to a growing economy rooted in strong local communities.

You can read the group’s full Terms of Reference here.

External engagement

We are involved in over 30 boards, groups, and forums throughout the city. Whether it’s discussing the needs of the hospitality and tourism sectors at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group or participating in the City Vision 2050 Steering Group to ensure that businesses are fairly represented in the City Council’s plans for the future of our city, we are constantly working to ensure that our members’ voices are heard. The full list of groups on which we are represented can be found below: