At the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, we work to ensure member views on key policy issues are represented at all levels of government. Our work is representative of our members and is based on reputable research and insights we gather from the local business community.

We regularly carry our research on issues impacting business, engage with key consultations affecting the city and economy more generally, and lobby on behalf of our members.

Working with politicians, councillors, government officials, key city stakeholders and national organisations such as Scottish Chambers of Commerce and British Chambers of Commerce, we always aim to ensure members’ views are fairly represented.

In 2018, our Policy Group was formed and is chaired by Jane Clark-Hutchison, who is also the President of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. Made up of a range of senior members of our Council who represent businesses from key sectors of the city’s economy, the group is responsible for developing our policy strategy and priorities.

Our Priority Areas

Our policy work is centred on three key areas affecting the city – People, Place and Prosperity. Based on ongoing engagement with our members and our understanding of the key issues impacting business and the economy, we have identified three policy priorities within these areas, which are:

  • Post Brexit Economy
  • Productivity
  • A Socially Inclusive City

In addition to responding to major policy issues as and when they arise, we’ll be working hard over the coming months to better understand member’s views on our priority issues, developing campaigns and ensuring key concerns are represented where appropriate.

For more information or to discuss policy issues, please contact Joanne Davidson, Head of Policy and Innovation – policy@edinburghchamber.co.uk 

Scottish Election 2021 – Why Edinburgh Matters

Ahead of the Holyrood elections on 6th May, Edinburgh Chamber in consultation with our members, produced a manifesto document to outline what businesses need from the incoming Scottish Government.

Why Edinburgh Matters makes specific asks around skills, connectivity, infrastructure, investment and economic recovery – with a particular focus on Edinburgh’s city centre – the beating heart of Scotland’s capital.

You can download and read our full manifesto here.