Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce, Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy; asks business to be more involved in shaping and recruiting youth talent. Educators and businesses working together as co-investors to create a skilled workforce for Scotland’s future. This ask makes business sense.

Developing the Young Workforce

What is Developing the Young Workforce?

Developing the Young Workforce, Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy, is about delivering a step change in employer engagement, making it easier for businesses to engage in a meaningful, appropriate and “outcome” driven way to help shape and recruit youth talent ensuring a positive destination for every young person in the region.

What’s happening in my region?

The Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian Regional Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Board is established and chaired by Sandy Begbie, Chief People Officer, Standard Life. The board and partners invite you to join us in achieving our two ambitions:

1. Deliver an improvement in employers’ engagement with schools and colleges in the region by encouraging and supporting more employers to actively collaborate with schools, colleges and other learning providers to better align skills supply and skills demand, which will result in delivering an increased economic and societal impact from investment.

2. Encourage and support employers to open up more job and development opportunities for young people, investing in their future careers, stimulating increased economic growth, productivity and earnings.


“We need to create better and more engagement between business and education. We need to do more to develop skills and to ensure business better understands what our educators are doing; and what business can do to support them.”



Investing in young people develops highly skilled, qualified, committed, and loyal employees. It helps with productivity, morale and employee retention.
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The regional DYW executive team are here to support your involvement in shaping and recruiting youth talent.
Developed in partnership through DYW ‘The Guarantee’ supports employers in the region to inspire and recruit young people. The Guarantee offers a free support service, tools like Marketplace and resources, all which make it easier for you to get involved. To find out more and get involved, click the following link.
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Our Business Led Regional DYW group is established and currently working on mapping involvement and best practice in shaping and recruiting youth talent. We plan to share case studies and details as this activity develops, if you are currently involved please share your best practice with us.


Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation you too can get involved in shaping and recruiting youth talent.
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