Business Support Projects

Business Support Projects

We have recently launched three new business support initiatives aimed at bolstering the growth and scalability of businesses within the Scottish ecosystem.

Programme 1: AI and Digital Capabilities: A Growth Catalyst for Scottish Businesses

This programme is designed to equip SMEs with a robust understanding of AI and digital technologies, along with the meta-skills required for effective implementation, including best practice in change management. This will support innovation, enhance scalability, and boost productivity within the participating organisations.

The programme is structured into three modules, delivered across six interactive sessions. Read more here.

Programme 2: Creating a Strategy for Transformational Growth

This programme aims to support Scottish businesses to navigate the challenges of a hyper-competitive world by supporting transformational growth, helping to build resilience, increasing leadership ambition and risk appetite, and providing strategic support to enable participants to identify and maximise opportunities. Read more on this programme here.

Programme 3: Supporting the Net Zero Journey

This programme is designed to guide Scottish businesses towards achieving Net Zero emissions, aligning with the Scottish Government’s 2045 target. We take participants through a five-stage journey, which includes the creation of a comprehensive Net Zero action plan tailored to each business. It also offers SMEs bespoke guidance on their journey towards Net Zero. This not only facilitates change within your organisation, but can open up new opportunities within your supply chain. Read more here.

Keen to Participate?

Our programmes, offered at no cost, are open to Scottish companies with a workforce of 7 or more. Applications are now open, and can be made by completing an application form. Companies can apply for all three programmes but will need to complete separate application forms. Application forms can be completed here:

Once you’ve completed your application form, please send it to, by Friday 28th June. Please be aware that a pre-screening process is in place to ascertain the suitability of participants. Due to the limited availability of spaces, we cannot guarantee a spot for every applicant.

Once approved, we will be in touch with participants to share more details on each programme and to confirm the start date.

If you have any questions please contact our team.