International Services

International Services

Supporting trade on a local, national, and global scale remains a priority for us. We are proud to be a part of the British Chambers Network, which has over 350 qualified specialists on hand every working day to help businesses and international trade thrive.

Chambers help to reduce the possibility of overseas customs authorities stopping British shipments by certifying the origin of goods, thereby ensuring the smooth passage of UK goods across international borders. The Chamber Network facilitated £16,000,000,000 (£16 billion) in trade last year alone.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce provides local businesses with a variety of services to help them grow and enter new markets. Learn more about what we have to offer by reading on.

  • Events and Trade Missions

    Explore international business opportunities through our international events calendar; Brexit issues, free trade agreement, barriers to trade, explore. Read More >>
  • Customs Declaration Service

    ChamberCustoms is a customs brokerage service, run by your local Chambers. Uniquely, it has been created to clear goods for import and export at every port in the UK. Read More >>
  • Exporting

    Trade Documentation Services

    Our experienced team work to prepare accurate export documentation, ensuring your goods get to their destination without delay. Read More >>
  • Training

    We offer a variety of programmes that will provide you the with knowledge and skills you needed to develop and grow your business internationally. Read More >>
  • Mentoring

    We match ambitious business leaders with highly experienced, skilled and successful professionals who will mentor and support you to grow and flourish. Read More >>
  • Policy

    Our team works with policymakers and stakeholders to make sure that members’ views on key international issues are represented at all levels of Government. Read More >>