International Services

International Services

At the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, we realise that now more than ever our role in supporting and leading businesses to grow in international markets is of vital importance.

To inform and drive the growth of Edinburgh businesses internationally, we launched our International Trade Club which offers a range of services, listed below:

  • Documentation Services

    The provision of correct, accurate and timely export documentation is a critical element in a successful international trade transaction. Our international documentation team has a vast amount of experience in this area and is able to assist in guiding companies through the documentation process.

    Please visit our Documentation Services page for more information.

  • Promote your international activities

    We are always keen to highlight businesses’ international work.

    Should you be interested in promoting your activities via our website, international newsletter or Business Without Borders video series, please get in touch using the details below.

    Please contact our Marketing Team if you would like us to promote your business.

  • Join our International LinkedIn Group

    Connect with our international network and receive relevant international business news and information through our informative LinkedIn Page.

  • Sign up for our International Newsletter

    Get bi-monthly updates around international business topics via our International Newsletter. You can sign up here.

  • Business Mentoring

    Our mentoring programme is unique.  It is open to all our members who wish to join.  All we ask of mentees is a genuine ambition of business growth and success – it’s as simple as that. Using a combination of our new online business mentoring software platform and a consultative approach, we will identify your business development objectives and ambitions.  We will then carefully match you and your business with a mentor who has the skills and experience to meet your needs.

    If you’re interested in getting involved in our Business Mentoring Programme as a Mentor or a Mentee, we would love to hear from you. For further information call us on 0131 221 2999 or email

  • Alexia Haramis, Head of International and Corporate Services
  • Mayan Grace, Head of Projects