MyHummy is the UK’s most coveted white and pink noise specialist.

The countdown to Christmas is on! Of all the gifts on the market this year, there is nothing more precious or thoughtful than giving the gift of sleep. Whether you’re a new parent in need of some extra Zzz’s or you know someone that is, myHummy white and pink noise teddies are the perfect, unique gifts that are a guaranteed hit.

Most babies are born in September. This means, just in time for Christmas, thousands of newborns will be gifting their parents the dreaded 4-month sleep regression! Let myHummy save your sleep this Christmas with it’s magical white and pink noises. White and pink noise has been proven to help little one’s drift off and have the most dreamy sleep possible, night after night.

MyHummy teddies feature:

– Bluetooth connectivity to link the teddy to the myHummy app.

– Sleep Sensor which listens and reacts to the little one stirring for 12 hours.

– Non-stop mode for 12 hours of continuous noise and Zzz’s.

 Complimentary cot attachment ring that doubles as a teether.

– To every parent’s delight – machine washability!

“Unwrapping one of our beautiful bears will be the highlight of Christmas this year. Our bears really do change lives. And this year we’re giving a complimentary pair of gorgeous limited edition myHummy Christmas socks with all orders over the festive period!” – says Marianna Raszkowska, the Director of myHummy UK.

Candles and chocolate are great, but give them something they will REALLY appreciate this year. Give them back their sleep – and their sanity! – with a myHummy white and pink noise teddy. MyHummy is saving the nation’s sleep this Christmas, one snooze at a time.

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Happy snoozing and Merry Christmas!