Business Management and Leadership courses

Business Management and Leadership courses

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is your go-to destination for business management courses in Edinburgh. We believe that the best leaders and business managers understand the importance of continuous learning for their own skills development, the success of their business, and the growth of their team.

We offer a variety of business management courses in Edinburgh, designed to help professionals excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of their organisations. Our offerings range from scheduled public courses open to all, to bespoke in-house training solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our leadership courses in Edinburgh are delivered by trainers with a broad industry background. They have held numerous senior leadership positions, providing them with a robust background of real experience. This ensures that our courses are not just theoretical, but also practical and applicable in the real world.

Get trained up

We offer the following Management and Leadership training courses as standard.  Courses can also be developed in line with your specific objectives and tailored to your business.

  • Management Essentials (Public & Bespoke)
  • Becoming a Successful Leader (Public & Bespoke)
  • Emerging Leaders Programme (in-development)
  • Advanced Management Skills (Bespoke)
  • Change Management (Public)
  • Leading Hybrid Teams (Public & Bespoke)
  • Maximising Productivity in Hybrid Teams (Public & Bespoke)
  • Wellbeing and engagement within Hybrid Teams (Public & Bespoke)

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Investing in your people makes business sense. By developing the skills and talents of your team you are futureproofing your business.

Choose the courses that suit you and your business

At Edinburgh Chamber we are committed to the development and delivery of training solutions that are relevant and suitable for your people and your business.

Our public courses are all displayed on our website training calendar.  Here you will find detailed overviews, learning outcomes and a description of the courses.

If you are unsure where to start or what course is most suitable for you and your needs, we recommend you getting in touch via email or telephone for a chat with our training manager.

Contact us to discuss your team’s training needs

We can help you identify the courses that are right for you and your team. Contact us to discuss a tailored package, built from our extensive programme of Management, Leadership and HR related courses.

We can come to you

Our experienced trainers work with companies across all sectors. They offer decades of experience coupled with up to date skills, and can tailor course material to meet your specific needs when working in house.