Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Our comprehensive digital marketing skills training package is designed to support your businesses with all the skills you need to grow.

Marketing techniques have changed massively in the last decade, as digital has become a mainstream channel for most businesses. Keeping your skills up to date in this fast-paced world is an essential activity for businesses who want to grow.

Our trainers are expert practitioners who use their digital marketing skills daily to help their clients develop and succeed.

Get trained up

Find the courses you need to make digital marketing work for you. We offer courses in:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media strategy and planning
  • Specific courses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Digital writing skills
  • Blogging for businesses
  • Using video to promote your business
  • Email marketing
  • Google analytics
  • Search engine optimisation

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If you are a marketer in today’s world, you need a wide range of skills at your fingertips. You need to build strategic marketing activities across multiple channels, then carry straight on from the strategy into the delivery. Our training is designed to give you maximum flexibility and choice – from planning through practice, then on to measuring success and improving for the future.

Choose the courses that suit you and your business

For our social media training you will now find different options depending on whether you are just starting out or want to look at advanced strategy. Our content focused courses, such as digital writing skills and blogging for business work for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. They have a strong focus on developing the practical skills that marketers increasingly need to succeed in this area. Google analytics and Search Engine Optimisation courses are both designed for marketers who need to know enough about these key topics to steer their companies in the right direction and engage with appropriate agencies and services.

Contact us to discuss your team’s training needs

We can help you identify the courses that are right for you and your team. Contact us to discuss a tailored package, built from our comprehensive programme of digital marketing courses.

We can come to you

If you have a team that needs trained in digital marketing skills talk to us about in-house training options. Our experienced trainers work with companies across all sectors. They offer decades of experience coupled with up to date skills, and can tailor course material to meet your specific needs when working in house.