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My Booking Hub in Action: the Fresh Car Valeting Story

Posted: 5th October 2021

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Member Clearsky Logic’s new My Booking Hub platform allowed Fresh Car Valeting to open up new areas without escalating their admin overheads. By empowering the business to scale revenue, new customers increased by 7,121 in 2021 alone.

With 99% of Fresh Car Valeting’s bookings now being made through the 24/7 automated platform, their efficiency has rapidly increased, ultimately cutting out 28 hours per month of tiresome back and forth communication between customers and an admin member of staff. 

Here is how My Booking Hub allowed Fresh Car Valeting’s scale-up, and how it can do the same for your business:

My Booking Hub Overview 

My Booking Hub is the world’s first automated booking platform that uses a unique location-based algorithm to factor in travel times between locations when making appointments. It assigns members of your team to appointments, based on the most efficient travel time. This is driven by the core function of maximising automated bookings and minimising travel times, consequently making your scheduling more efficient.

Fresh Car Valeting’s Problem

Fresh Car Valeting had hit the ceiling for their business growth. Due to their manual booking processes slowing them down, they faced an excessive expenditure of scarce resources on customer administration. They urgently needed a way to scale their business quickly through booking more appointments without hiring additional admin staff. Finally, they needed a platform that allowed them to organise their growing number of car valeting staff’s appointments and to fit more appointments into each day.

The dedicated tech team behind My Booking Hub, boasting a range of specialist skills, combatted this problem by offering an innovative solution.

My Booking Hub’s Solution

This process was design-led and solution-driven, meaning the My Booking Hub team worked to produce an automated platform that could be used not only by Fresh Car Valeting but by all other businesses wanting to maximise the numbers of appointments they could make.

Building a platform centered on the needs of staff, the team at ClearSky prioritised building an advanced algorithm to forecast travel times between the locations of current and newly requested appointments. Our cutting-edge tech consequently allows businesses to automatically allocate the right person on their team to take on a booking based on the most efficient travel itinerary. Ultimately, this lets them take on more bookings without expanding their administration team.

More core benefits of My Booking Hub include:

– Less Time on Admin

It allows your team to manage their schedule, with full control over their working hours, breaks, and appointments. Additionally, customers are given add-on service suggestions when booking, meaning each booking can be worth more.

– Less Time on Customer Service

We offer a comprehensive CRM system, dispatching automated communications that remind customers of appointments and follow-ups etc.

– Less Time on Travel

It forecasts travel times between locations, identifies a team member to take the booking based on the most efficient travel itinerary, and automatically factors both into appointment scheduling.

Darren Auld CEO of ClearSky Logic:

“We help build businesses of the future, when we saw how overly manual bookings were holding back growth at Fresh Car Valeting we dedicated ourselves to finding a technical solution to help many other businesses in the same position” 

The Impact for Fresh Car Valeting

My Booking Hub allowed Fresh Car Valeting to fulfill its goal of booking more appointments with the same customer admin team. They saw an improved customer experience while reducing their operational costs and improving their efficiency. In turn, this increased their revenue and kickstarted rapid business growth.

This solution eliminated the need for the Fresh Car Valeting team to manually book in and manage appointments and instead let customers make bookings online 24/7. Customers could log in to the self-serve area to view their past and current bookings and manage their details.

In the last 6 months, their number of automated sales increased by 600%.

Customer experience was also improved through a streamlined booking process and more accurate appointment timings. The platform’s algorithm handled geolocation of appointments, removing any human error related to double-booking risks or when valets could reach appointments.

Sam Brennan, Owner of Fresh Car Valeting: 

“Integrating My Booking Hub into Fresh Car Valeting’s current systems is just the start. With this now in place, we have the ability to look at other manual processes that may be slowing us down which could instead be automated.

Our long-term plan is to scale up across the UK and increase the number of franchises nationwide, Fresh Car Valeting is now poised to take on more work and continue to grow their business.”

How this helps in the future

What started as an idea to help one business scale up has transformed into a fully working and highly competitive automated booking system used across numerous industries. Post-launching, the My Booking Hub team is continuing to grow and support a cutting-edge and consumer-driven platform showcasing our logic of maximising automated bookings and minimising travel times between them.

For more information about how My Booking Hub can scale up your business, please contact or visit

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