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Launch of the Questioning Strengths Method: The power to transform organisations through better questioning

Posted: 21st September 2021

We are delighted to announce the general availability of The Questioning Strengths Method (QSM). The QSM is a complete framework for better questioning in the workplace. It has been developed for businesses and organisations, over the past year, in an exciting partnership between Dr Lani Watson (University of Edinburgh/Oxford) and Ian Robson (Success Methods).

What Is The Questioning Strengths Method?

The QSM comprises the validated Questioning Strengths Assessment (QSA) and a suite of innovative services designed to help individuals and organisations make the most of every questioning opportunity and transform the results they get from better questions.

Why Should You Be Excited By Better Questioning?

We can all get better results from the questions that we ask. Yet we rarely focus effort on understanding our approach to questioning or developing our questioning strengths. Small changes to the way we ask questions can make a big difference.

Better questioning leads to improved performance. It might be the perfectly pitched question that finally persuades a new customer or client to come on board, the provocative question that turns the tide on groupthink, leading to creative problem-solving and innovation, or the direct, concise question that establishes the facts quickly and efficiently to reach a fast, effective solution. It all starts with understanding how each individual uses their unique questioning strengths.

Harnessing The Power Of Better Questioning.

The QSA sits at the heart of the Questioning Strengths Method, providing individuals with a comprehensive insight into their unique questioning strengths profile. This allows everyone we work with to better understand their personal approach to questioning as well as areas where development would bring benefit.

Building on the assessment, the QSM framework comprises a suite of innovative services across four areas:

The Academy: Learn all about the nine questioning strengths and the theory behind the QSM.

The Gym: Develop your individual questioning strengths for use in the workplace.

The Theatre: Practice and refine your questioning strengths with a range of engaging activities.

The Workshop: Apply your new skills and knowledge using a set of proven questioning techniques.

We can work with you in multiple ways to support everyone in your team or organisation to ask great questions and get practical, meaningful results. We offer online and in-person training and coaching, as well as bespoke, data-driven programmes, based on research-led insights and techniques.

Every organisation is unique. At The QSM we build a recognition of that into all that we do. Each of our services is personalised, by default, to your circumstances and needs and you’ll work with us to define the specific outcomes you want to achieve. Our aim is not simply to change the way that individuals use questions but to work together to transform the way questions are used across teams and organisations. We believe that small changes in questioning can lead to greater employee satisfaction, increased diversity and inclusivity, better team dynamics, stronger professional and customer relationships, and measurably improved business performance.

It all starts with better questioning.

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