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Invitation to Kangen Water Seminar

Posted: 29th January 2015

Kangen Water Seminar

As a nation, Japan has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. The remarkable health of its people is due in part to high standards of culturally imposed nutrition, hydration and in part because of an excellent national healthcare focused on disease prevention.

So what do they do that we don’t?  For one thing – they drink much healthier water.

Enagic, Japanese medically certified manufactuer of electrolytic water generators, is the industry leader with its growing presence in Europe since 2008, individually recognised by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases, a renowned medical association. For the past 40 years Enagic’s compact devices have been extensively used in the Japanese healthcare system including veterinary clinics, as well as hospitality markets, fitness centers, beauty salons and personal households.

Based on her experience as well as her own extensive research into the properties of high quality electrolysed water, its impact to our health, the environment and business, Veronika Divincova, of Kangen Water Edinburgh, a leading representative in Scotland, will share with you key information in relation to:

  • Water as a nutrient
  • The role of excessive oxidative stress, iflammation and chronic disease in realtion to lifestyle choices (90% of all diseases are directly linked to excessive inflammation of our cells!)
  • The relevance of high quality electrolysed hydrogen-rich water (Kangen WaterTM) and itsanti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, high antioxidant properties
  • Electrolysed oxidising water, its antibacterial, antiseptic properties (applicable to eco-friendly disinfection, pesticide and foodborne pathogens removal and treatment of skin conditions)
  • Relevant scientific research
  • Demonstration of each types of water produced by the technology
  • Implcations for businesses (employees’ performance and various industries – e.g. offices, hospitality, health clinics etc.)
  • Enagic’s values and vision
  • Quality control
  • Financial benefits of Enagic’s patented referral programme

All attendess will have access to fresh  Kangen WaterTM during the event.

We look forward to welcoming you on the night.

Click here to book.

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