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Edinburgh’s Lind & Lime Distillery is just the tonic for Fingal Gin launch

Posted: 5th September 2023

Scotland’s only luxury floating hotel has launched its first proprietary gin brand in partnership with the award-winning Lind & Lime Distillery in Edinburgh.

Permanently berthed in the historic port of Leith, Fingal has teamed up with the neighbouring distillery to create a new gin exclusively for guests visiting the ship’s Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar.

Distilled and bottled locally in a small batch, Fingal Gin is a classic London Dry Gin with refreshing aromas of juniper, pine, orange blossom and a unique blend of Fingal tea.

The flavour combination includes candied fruit, subtle grapefruit peel and rich notes of tea leaves. There is a lasting impression of summer fruit iced tea and cinnamon.

Fingal Gin is contained in a 70cl darted glass bottle, which was specially designed to reflect the glass fresnel lenses in the lantern room of lighthouses. The own label branding is complete with Fingal’s ‘seafoam’ pantone, distinctive trident logo and blue ocean waves motif as a nod to the ship’s nautical past.

To celebrate the launch of the new spirit, the ship’s mixologists have also created a Fingal Gin-based Lighthouse Martini cocktail, including Fingal Gin and The Wermod Great British Vermouth, which is created within the Dalmeny Estate near Edinburgh. The vermouth is made using 24 different herbs, roots, and flowers from the estate.

Fingal’s Jennifer Campbell, said:

“We’re really excited to be raising a glass to Fingal’s first own brand gin thanks to our talented friends and neighbours at the Lind & Lime Distillery.

“We wanted to create a classic London Dry Gin with our own unique twist, so with a new distillery right on our doorstep, we’re perfectly placed to work closely together and create a spirit exclusively for our guests in the ship’s Lighthouse Bar & Restaurant.

“Fingal Gin has been handcrafted in a small batch. Refreshing aromas of juniper, pine, orange blossom and unique Fingal blend tea make it the perfect option to serve over ice with a splash of tonic. We’ve also used our new gin to create a Lighthouse Martini cocktail.”

Michael Kaplan from Great British Vermouth Ltd, added:

“We’re delighted to be featured alongside the new Fingal Gin as part of the ship’s signature Lighthouse Martini. Visitors to Edinburgh and Fingal’s renowned bar can now enjoy so much of what makes this country special – in a glass!”

Edinburgh began its long association with gin back in the 1700s. The Netherlands was a key trading partner for Scotland and as a result, juniper berries and a ready supply of spices and botanicals were imported in vast quantities into the port of Leith.

Ian Stirling is Founder and Co-CEO of Muckle Brig Ltd, which owns the Lind & Lime Distillery and The Port of Leith Distillery, a new single malt whisky distillery which is due to open to the public in autumn 2023. He added:

“Edinburgh’s historic port of Leith has a remarkable maritime and distilling heritage; for centuries this was Scotland’s gateway to the world. Our relationship with Fingal celebrates this unique story and draws on some of the traditions of the past.

“Today, we’re positioned right in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant waterfront and are both breathing new life into the port with our remarkable new vertical distillery and Fingal’s luxury floating hotel.

“We’re confident that the unique gin we’ve created for Fingal exemplifies the incredible glamour and style of the ship.”

As part of the ongoing partnership between these two iconic Leith venues, Fingal’s overnight guests are also being offered special VIP tickets for guided tours of The Port of Leith Distillery and the Lind & Lime Gin Distillery on Coburg Street from autumn 2023.

Bottles of Fingal Gin are expected to be made available for guests to purchase onboard and take home as a souvenir. There are also plans to add Fingal Gin to the ship’s exclusive online shop later in the year.

Launched in 2019, the former Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) tender was developed by the award-winning team at The Royal Yacht Britannia. Fingal is now a world-class foodie destination with all the glamour and style of a superyacht, but with an air of old-world Art Deco luxury ocean liner elegance.

Open to non-residents for Afternoon Tea, dinner and cocktails, Fingal’s Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar offers a choice of self-contained private dining booths for small pre-booked groups. Fingal’s 22 luxury cabins are each named after Stevenson lighthouses, inspired by Fingal’s rich maritime heritage. The ship is now the ultimate in luxury accommodation and dining with a nautical twist.

Fingal is located opposite the new Port of Leith tram stop, which offers a direct and quick transport link between Leith and Edinburgh city centre.

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