The Benefits

The Benefits

A Circular Economy can offer new ways to grow and diversify your business.  More specifically:

  • Develop new markets and gain new customers
  • Build loyalty with your customer base
  • Satisfy changing customer needs and expectations
  • Increase the security and price stability of your supply chain
  • Attract, retain, and engage your employees
  • Build your brand and reputation as an innovative organisation
  • Save your business, customers, and suppliers money
  • Capture more value from your materials and resources
  • Exceed government regulations and stay ahead of new requirements

As well as being beneficial to business, a Circular Economy brings a variety of benefits to the Scottish economy:

  • Scotland wastes 1.4 million tonnes of food every year. By reducing food wastage in the home, that’s a saving of £1.1 billion.
  • By using by-products from our food and drink sectors to create higher-value products, including bio-fuels or advanced proteins, we could generate an additional £500-800 million a year for Scotland.
  • Remanufacturing is already contributing £1.1 billion per year to Scotland’s economy and has the potential to grow by a further £620 million by 2020, adding 5,700 new jobs.
  • By 2050, a more circular economy could reduce carbon emissions by 11 million tonnes a year. (Source : Making Things Last – A Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland by the Scottish Government 2016 )

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