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Book your place on our Communication Breakdown Workshop!

Posted: 3rd June 2015

Tree of Knowledge will be hosting a Communication breakdown workshop at their Headquarters in Dunfermline on Wednesday 17th June from 10am – 1pm

There’s no getting away from the fact that communication is important. In every situation we find ourselves in, work related or personal we just need to be able to communicate effectively. Think of that person you know who naturally seems to be able to express themselves fully, deliver key messages and inspire people as they go. Just how do they do it? Most of us communicate well in many situations however; occasionally we need a little help.

Learning Outcomes

• How to make the lasting impact on colleagues and clients so you stand out
• Understand how simple listening techniques can help build sustainable relationships
• Leading and influencing people, the language and techniques required
• A proactive attitude towards communication and learning to motivate yourself to put these techniques into action
• How to build stronger relationships
• Understand how being authentic in the workplace is the new professionalism”
• How our comfort zones are not always the best place to be whilst at work
• Understand how your mindset influences how you communicate with others and whether you develop or not

• Improved internal and external relationships
• Greater rapport within the organisation
• Clients will feel understood
• Greater confidence in communicating
• Motivation among teams
• Delivering a higher level of service

Cost: £199+VAT

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