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Bluestream Research and Development back for one more round

Posted: 13th April 2022

“Hi, my name is Kenny Redmond and I work in the area of Research and Development. I am from a Civil Engineering, Building, Innovation, Anatomy and Physiology and Applied Computing background. I specialise in new firms designing a new product as my main business activity. I have placed my business plan on my website as well. I want to consider collaborations with royalty based services. I know some companies have their own marketing services and I want to help sell a new service to other companies as well. Want to direct organisations to my website over the next 3 months. I believe I could provide excellent desktop research initially. There are other factors to consider. For example I am working on a land reclamation idea. I can use initial site development to test new embankment techniques which involves minimum practical testing outlay. I have included my initial business plan with my 5 year projected plan, both are PDF documents on my website. I confirm they are live from 8th April 2022 as well. I have mentioned my books which I confirm I want to scrutinise before selling online from end of September 2022. I want to use a portal as my selling platform but will ask others to test buy from end of August 2022. I spoke to a chamber member and asked them to help design a suitable website, hope all is confirmed in 2 months or so.

I want to confirm I have some ideas in progression, some ideas were presented to me via others, like others opinions as well, but I confirm in this instance the idea was theirs, I mentioned cancer studies, know very difficult but I hope by the end of July 2022 I have a clinical trial plan in place, my initial lab testing should be confirmed by then, I was disappointed with the Corona as I couldn’t use lab procedures. Think mentioning though, people who like want myself to be used as the first clinical trial. The relevant authorities say it should proceed with a letter of approval. I placed a patent in place, understand covered by copyrights as well. Was a trial idea. I want to suspend fluorescent particles (small so no damage to tissue or body) in the front of the thigh, know sounds different but I want to honeycomb the particles – I want to consider magnet attracted particles which will be controlled using a magnetic device. I spoke to MHRA and they have given me the initial green light before confirming the trial. But being realistic I have until the end of April 2022 to confirm the new device. Works all in theory but need to confirm in practice, used initial trials in the past”.

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