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Blog: Ten reasons to contact Resource Efficient Scotland

Posted: 5th March 2019

We can help you save money, and it doesn’t cost you money to get our help. These are two great reasons to get in touch with us, but for even more great reasons read on…

If you’re a small to medium sized business then our mission is to help you use resources more efficiently. We’re funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Funds to help you minimise your waste, reduce your energy costs, save on raw materials and a whole lot more. Our experts can help you measure and monitor your waste, understand where you’re producing waste unnecessarily, see where your processes could be more efficient, identify new technologies that could save you money, and work out how to save energy. All of which could save you a ton of money, and reduce your impact on the world. So here, without further ado, are ten top reasons why you should call us now:

1. Free support can help cut your energy bill by 24%

The advice we give is free and impartial. It’s not often you get that in business.  Plus, there’s no obligation to do anything with the information we give you. But when you see how much you could be saving, often by making simple low or no cost changes, we think you’ll be wanting to take action sooner rather than later. Did you know that by working with us most businesses are able to cut their energy bills by 24%? And we have a number of solutions for reducing your water usage and preventing waste too.

2. We guarantee we’ll find you a way to save some money

Maybe you’ve already made changes to being more resource efficient. Maybe you’re a newbie. Maybe you want to go large, and apply for Government grant funding or the SME Loan for a big investment on a heat pump or biomass boiler. Or maybe you want to play safe and find out about the little things you can do without spending much. Whatever your business, whatever your needs, we can usually spy several resource (and money) saving opportunities that will cut something from your costs.

3. We have a lot of knowledge and experience under our belts

We’re the leading organisation in Scotland when it comes to advising businesses on how to minimise waste, make better use of resources and improve their bottom line. Our specialist consultants know their stuff, specialising in energy, water and waste prevention. Our on-house team are resource efficiency experts, bolstered by a management team with sector experience in hospitality, food and drink, manufacturing and construction to mention just a few. They have been helping businesses identify the best opportunities for resource efficiencies for over four years.

4. We can go light or we can go deep

You might know what you want to do and are looking for reassurance or a second opinion. You might have no idea where to start. You might want us to look at one area of your business or investigate every nook and cranny for savings opportunities. We can address a wide variety of needs. Within reason and our remit, of course…

5.  We even do full site assessments

Depending on the results of our initial consultation, we can visit your business to carry out a full assessment. A thorough audit will identify all those plump and juicy savings just waiting to be picked from the tree. Then, if you want to take the next step, we can provide a full report. This will highlight the actions you can take straight away for free, and those that will need more time and investment. When you’re ready we can point you in the right direction for more detailed advice or financing options.

6. We think outside the box with your business in mind

We’ve advised breweries and distillers, eco-farms and signage makers, soup producers and spa hotels. Whatever business you’re in, whatever it is that makes you unique, we use that as a starting point to find ways to save.

7. Helping you, helps us, helps our future

We like to help. Okay, it’s what we’re paid to do. But the drive to save resources is being undertaken for good reason. The planet’s resources are finite and many are running out. Our rampant energy use is keeping us hooked on fossil fuels and adding to global warming. Every time we help you save a resource we can sleep a little better knowing we’re doing our bit to help future generations. And doing a little bit is a lot better than thinking about doing a lot.

8. We’ve already helped over thousands of businesses 

Over the last four years we’ve been helped thousands of Scottish businesses get on the resource efficient path and save over £42 million. Read our case studies and be inspired by what other businesses have done to cut their energy, water and waste and save money.

9/10 customers would recommend us to others

9. It’s good to talk

There’s a lot of information on our website to help you save resources. But sometimes just talking to someone for ten minutes can get to the heart of what you want to know. Our advisors can answer any questions and help you plan your next steps. That might simply be pointing you in the right direction of the information you need, or coming out to visit your property and assessing your needs. But if you want to meet and greet other business owners who have done what you’re planning to do, you can do so through the Green Network for Businesses.

10. We’re nice people to chat to

On the phone or with live chat on our website, we’d love to speak to you. In fact, each year around 34,000 individuals from various organisations around Scotland contact us. So go on, pick up the phone and take a peek down the rabbit hole to see what wonderland of resource efficiency opportunities await….

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Helping you, helps us, helps our future



We’ve already helped over thousands of businesses


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