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A must read for desk workers

Posted: 4th November 2014

White Tree LogoJust before the blog a quick note to let you know about a promotion that is being run for the month of November. Initial assessments for chamber members and their friends/family, are discounted by 20%.

Also don’t forget about our offer of free talks to businesses about the health habits required to survive the high stress, immobile environment of the desk. Part of which is covered in today’s blog post.

The subtitle of this email is – Psoas

So who? Who’s what? almost, its called Psoas. So what?

I know we all love a bit of time sitting at a desk, or at least we’ve learned to love it, until we have saved up enough for a treadmill desk (more on that in the future). Whilst we are sitting we have a muscle that (effectively) attaches our hip to the inside of our low back. This muscle is called Psoas. It doesn’t stand (er, sit) alone, it has a colleague called Iliacus, or its ill-cuz…(Maybe I’m alone in that mnemonic).

Now if you’re sitting comfortably pull yourself forward so that your spine, moves forward. Then relax back in your chair. The muscle that pulled you forward – Psoas. Ah ha – no thought I know what you were talking about, but nope – nothing.

So this muscle (with its colleague), works to keep you sitting upright, even with the perfect chair and low back support. But without the proper chair it has to work really hard. (Just imagine all those years on shocking school chairs).

As it works all day it shortens and tightens, putting pressure on the inside of the low back and causing other muscles to tighten, and yet others to loosen, creating a pattern of tension. read more here

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