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A Dominant Strategy of E

Posted: 17th June 2021

We start from chariots of fire, romans, celtics, emblems, colours, swords and metaphoric look at football analogies too and prolific decision makers globally.  President Macron, Boris Johnson, Lee and Avram Glazer and his family. Manchester United, Barcelona are a few..  They run to board room strategy with policy the hague, pentagon and under developed states..

‘At first I glanced at my watch, I didn’t have one, at first I glanced at the clock but I did not own one, at first I was a CEO and then I wasn’t one, at first I wasn’t one at all’ it can happen to anyone but not for global science.

Nothingness, the like of you and me, nothingness, what happens next, that my friends are up to you. I wept, wept and wept that day with stony silence, like death, like nothing, like nothingness, staring at the floor, that week went very quickly, stony silence in my home, no family, no help, no support, no nothing’ Hello…can you hear me..this could happen to you…children, wife, husband, home, car…now, resume..chic fashionista from Cheshire, Yummy Mummy like no, what happens now’ …now I need a partner in crime..

‘Integration of global strategists..Maslow, Buzan, Markov, influencers significant such as Eric Cantona, UEFA, UNICEF, UN, Coffe Anan. With historical references, battles, wars, fashion houses, travel, newspapers and the use of stanzaic hexameters, paraboles, metaphoric reactionary responses to the human world, earth, juvenile responses to limited responses from decision makers for contract. How does that happen, What do I know, I do we work it out, How do we not want to know.  23 Chapters of Vulnerability check on the globe, earth, society, parliament, micro and macro economic stability for integrated societies.

Hero-sizing those who are statued or not and now with an epigram leader for each….witty…intelligent..some ore-inspiring to literary prose verse, dialogue with prose poems…2.30am to 2.30am in 24 hour clock time…each standing alone with partners whether boyfriends or girlfriends…with pyrotechnic mother in laws…Denmark hatching eggs with shells as oysters in the spring…Keates…’ Espionage, Awards, Balls and a race for global strategists to find a ratified peace strategy for global science, using team unification and runs of truth analogising to foot and ball excellence…thank you to Mathew Simmons Family..a run a long true life with characters to take lateralisation to a peak…to show 8 planets, worlds and entities of your own find it..and be I am..’

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