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LEWIS recently won the SME Culture award. Read more about what they had to say about it!

Posted: 28th September 2018

In association with Real Business and breatheHR, we were scored on our workplace perks and rewards schemes that highlight the values, mission and principles that make up LEWIS. We were judged against a scorecard that measured up a variety of factors to get an insight into what makes up our culture;

Joy is the essence of LEWIS. It’s not a joke, it’s not a gaff or a gimmick. It’s about us: creating something beautiful, making something better and involving others. It’s the essence of our brand and the representation of our heart, soul and spirit in one word.

As a team, we are all fully invested in Joy. Whether that’s being joyful to one another, or turning a client into friends for life, we all love creating and spreading Joy. Each and every person in the business prioritises our culture, and they know it’s more important than all other attributes. By having an open and transparent culture – where we are all accountable for our own actions, not the leadership team – we are on the road to success.

Culture at LEWIS isn’t just buying a gimmicky gadget, or handing people cash bonuses. These are just small factors that add up to our Joy culture. We know the key to Joy is happiness and well-being, so we all get the chance to thank our colleagues with ‘kudos’ to show our appreciation for going above and beyond.

Take a look at what some of our staff love about working here,

LEWIS really is a great place to work, and we are rewarded for all our hard work. The company have made small adjustments to the business to make our working environment a place to spread Joy.

-Quarterly bonus payments – line managers are given a bonus pot, and control how this is shared among their team

-Staff yoga – once a week staff have the choice to wake up with some zen, starting the day with a clearer, more focused mindset

-Staff massages – we’re all guilty of sitting slouched over our desks and not getting up and moving around enough. Getting a massage allows us to fix our posture as well as relax and recharge

-Monthly staff events – our Group Services Manager is on the ball with keeping our social calendar full. With an event every month from the Jenga challenge to chocolate tasting and ping pong tournaments, Colette always helps to spread the Joy!

-Staff pool table/ping pong table – what better way to beat stress than getting a little competitive?

-Flexible working hours – having a flexible time window as to when we can start and finish work certainly makes life a lot easier – not everyone is a morning person!

-Private healthcare – not only are we rewarded with private healthcare, with Vitality we are encouraged to keep fit and healthy and meet our fitness goals with Apple watches given to us for free through the scheme

-The Big Friday Breakfast – what better way to get that Friday feeling started than with a hot breakfast? Bacon, sausages, haggis and hash browns – we know how to kick start the weekend!

-That’s only half of it! We are truly treated well here at LEWIS, and it certainly is a joyful place to work! Our employee churn rate shows just that – at less than 2% we’re well below the UK average of 15%.

Defining and following a culture has been the biggest vision and target for LEWIS over the last 2 years. This is helping us to build a new style of agency, where we encourage change, openness, transparency, alongside accountability and quick decisions. By defining a business culture, we have values to base our decisions on. As a business, leadership team and group of talented employees, we believe that we are building something special, something we are driving forward and spreading Joy along the way!

“After 45 years in business, we continue to push the boundaries as a progressive company, making our own tracks, not following the crowd and creating joy for our people and our clients. We’re committed to continual improvement so it’s good to know that there’s lots more to come!” – David Lewis, CEO

You can watch the interview with David Lewis about the importance of culture to LEWIS here:

And more info here:


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