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Why you should care about work-related stress

Posted: 18th July 2019

Imagine this picture: as soon as you wake up in the morning the first action is checking your phone and the first thought is about the meeting you have today: one you planned weeks ago with an important client. You didn’t sleep well, and you’re starting to feel a headache. You might feel under pressure because the demands of your job are greater than you can comfortably manage. Your stressful days are making you feel too exhausted and sometimes your heart is beating so fast that you’re afraid it may jump out of your chest.

Did you happen also to feel overwhelming stress when interacting with co-workers or clients you are not comfortable with and struggle even to keep a conversation going? Or are you feeling a little shaky or unsteady? This scenario is more common than you think. But the most disconcerting thing is that people have been living like this for years.

Since stress is a silent killer you can experience long term traumatizing health effects without being aware of what is happening.

Some worrisome statistics in 2018 about stress at work that you should think about:

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), work-related stress is experienced ‘when the demands of the work environment exceed the workers’ ability to cope with them’.

About Marta Regina
Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of Padova and Mindfulness at the University of Aberdeen. CFM (Center For Mindfulness UMASS) certified mindfulness teacher, MBSR. Executive coach and stress reduction for leaders who are constantly under pressure, she has developed a brief Mindfulness program that she has used for years with busy senior leaders.
She currently works with executives helping them to increase focus, performance, resilience and well-being through the use of mindfulness techniques. She is engaged in assessment and risk management of stress activities in the workplace, using evaluation and monitoring techniques in compliance with European Union Standards and Best Practices.
If you would like to have more information, get in touch with:

Marta Regina: Tel.: +447535790691









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