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Masterclass in Business Success

Masterclass in Business Success

@ Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce 40 George Street EDINBURGH Midlothian EH2 2LE

28th March, 2019 09:00-15:00 Training 335.00-395.00
Award Winning Masterclass in Business Success

This full day session gives you commercial skills that will accelerate your ability in business development; naturally your productivity level will increase due to the greater understanding of how a business succeeds.

This award winning, innovative approach to training is delivered as a simulation. Participants are taken through levels, self-determining the strategies that will transform an existing business.

This session is essentially a game that provides tangible learning points that you can take back into your business to implement. Delivered both through screens and in a classroom setting this fully immersive experience takes attendees through a journey of what it’s really like to both fail and how to overcome and succeed.

Course Outcomes:  

This session will ensure you leave with:
  • Strategic business development skills
  • How to communicate successfully with different business functions
  • An understanding of how your advice could impact a company’s business operations and imperatives
  • An appreciation of how successful businesses identify opportunity, exclude risk, and scale
  • A greater insight of how productivity, cashflow, billing and profitability is critical to a firm or business
Course Level:

This course suits beginners right through to experienced business individuals

Who is this course aimed at?

This session is aimed at every level of a business, it accommodates business leaders to recent graduates, the attendees’ work in unison as a team to solve problems and create winning strategies.

Course outline:
Working with a team of up to 14 other business professionals, you will experience a high-paced, interactive, fully facilitated business simulation. You will take on decision-making responsibilities in one of five business functions over three levels, each representing a half year of trading. 

Experience how to manage the asymmetrical relationship of commercial data pouring in with limited time to fully process it, allowing you to learn at speed how to evaluate and set priorities. Explore the consequences of decisions you have made on the rest of the business between rounds. By analysing adverse or positive impacts caused by your actions you can learn business operation understanding and take the opportunity to make strategic changes.

Trainer info:

Alice Louden, Assistant to the Game Designer; will deliver this session; with a background in Architecture and Private Banking Alice has the skill set and breadth of knowledge to Facilitate and deliver a phenomenal experience for attendees.


"Would just like to pass on my thanks for what was the best training day I have experienced ever!

The session was very well organised and professional, but also made it great fun and it really brought everyone out of their comfort zones and allowed us to see all aspects of running a business in a very informal but energetic way.

It was also a great team building exercise where we all had to work closely together to achieve the end GOAL."
Michael (Black Light)

"I questioned the investment required. Would this session give me the return I expected?

I can confirm, it definitely did. Throughout the day we covered a tremendous amount of information, delivered in concise levels of the game that were immersive, fun and easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective.

There has obviously been a lot of thought and business expertise into designing the game. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came during the strategic planning sessions, formulating strategies.

This format has provided invaluable insights and reflections into how VWS is run, giving my team the confidence to implement new ideas and strategies in the business almost immediately, in stark contrast to my past failed attempts to engage and empower them."
Graham Wilson, Managing Director VWS


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