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To Fellow Forest Pixies And Other Strange Folk

Posted: 9th February 2017

A famous Scottish-American author and an environmental philosopher, John Muir, once said: “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”. People were always attracted to forests – that feeling of wilderness, mystery, and an unforgettable contact with the nature. For centuries, fairy tales, myths, legends, and songs have been praising its beauty and immortalising the majesty of the trees. Forests have provided us with food, shelter, and fuel, as well as spiritual and physiological benefits. Especially in Siberia, where temperatures can reach up to +32 °C (89.6 °F) in summer and drop down to -67.7 °C (89.8 °F) in winter, survival would be unimaginable without the presence of this “Source of Life”.

Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) – this sustainable, slow-growing timber has been used in construction for centuries. Its ability to withstand an extreme continental climate and the test of time has led to it being referred to as the “Tree of Eternity”. Some homes and churches in Russia have been estimated to be in existence for over 800 years. Perhaps the most famous example of its longevity is its use in the construction of the ancient city of Venice. Wharves and many bridges over streams were built with it. Amerinds used its roots to sew together the bark for their canoes. The bark and resin served in medicine for respiratory and kidney ailments as well as in bandages for burns. Today it is used extensively throughout Europe, primarily for external applications such as cladding and decking, and for other uses including flooring and Olympic velodrome tracks.

Moving Forest are the Suppliers of the Finest Quality Timber Cladding & Decking in Scotland.

The company imports only the best and finest Siberian larch and northern spruce from the depths of Russia. With years of experience, a team of qualified personnel is dedicated to quality, flexibility, and ultimate customer satisfaction. By continuously checking the prices against its competitors, Moving Forest is determined to stay competitive and ensures you get the best offers available.

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