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The power of copywriting

Posted: 31st January 2020

Have you ever thought about what compelling copy could add to your branding? It’s increasingly difficult for brands to get noticed without stand out content which connects and resonates with customers.

That’s where copywriting comes in – it isn’t just the cherry on top, it’s integral to successful marketing and advertising. Copy should capture your audience’s attention and provide an incentive to find out more. Getting this right can add a unique edge to your branding, making an impact both online and offline. In this article, we explore some of the benefits professional copy can bring to your brand.

Communicate your message

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, an agency offering copywriting can provide a fresh perspective. They ask the important questions and research your brand identity, target audience and competitors in detail. To create copy that encompasses your brand in a creative and engaging way it is imperative to gain an in-depth understanding of these areas.

You may not have your audience’s attention for long, so the first few sentences have to convince them that what you have to say is worth reading. Well-crafted copy can condense and simplify your key message to do just that. However, it is important to strike a balance – to know when to keep it simple and when a touch of embellishment will take your copy to the next level.

Establish a tone of voice

Constructing a distinctive and authentic tone of voice can inject personality into your branding. Your voice could be professional, friendly, playful, witty, humorous, informative, conversational, empathetic – or a combination of a few! Perfecting this is essential. It can add a human touch to your branding, which can enhance relatability, build up a rapport and form a lasting connection with your audience.

This was an important consideration when we created an animation for the Law Society of Scotland to raise awareness of their new Trainee CPD programme. We established a clear and informative writing style and professional tone of voice for the voiceover copy to summarise the key features of the programme succinctly and appeal to the target audience. This copy was adapted for animations on the website and social media to engage viewers across different channels.

Implement consistency

Once your message and tone of voice have been established, these can be applied to a broad range of communications. Whilst it is essential to maintain consistency, it is important to consider nuance to ensure the copy is applicable to each platform.

Statistics show that copywriting is integral to marketing across a range of communications. A huge 91% of consumers want to receive emails from companies they do business with, and 60% feel engaged with brands after reading tailored content on their blog. From websites and social media to email marketing and print media, copywriting can be developed and adapted for different communications, whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Head over to our journal to read the full article, which highlights more of the benefits compelling copy can bring to your branding.


Kirsty Moore, Marketing & Accounts Executive

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