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Supporting your team’s transition to ‘normal’ working life

Posted: 4th August 2021

As businesses continue to reopen, you may be wondering how to support your team’s transition to ‘normal’ working life. The current pandemic and lockdown have resulted in significant risks to people’s physical and mental health.

We have had to deal with all sorts of issues from increased anxiety, social isolation, and relationship conflicts to childcare issues, financial worries, illness, and bereavement. It is likely that most people will need a period of adjustment when faced with returning to ‘normal’ working life, and many may struggle to adapt to the significant changes that will need to be implemented to keep everyone safe.

First Psychology have a toolkit for supporting staff returning to work after Lockdown: Considering factors such as stress, anxiety, and communication, the toolkit aims to help and gear-up employers to best support members of staff returning to work. The toolkit can be found and downloaded for free by following the link here.

We also have a webinar covering the topic of supporting staff returning to work, suited to employers and managers to help them support their staff through this transitional period. This includes topics such as:

  • How to create an atmosphere that encourages open communication and allows employees to come forward with concerns.
  • How to recognise signs of anxiety, negative effects of social isolation, and trauma resulting from bereavements.
  • Some tips for managers and team leaders to help them look after themselves.

We understand that some organisations may also have a need to offer training to support groups of staff on some of the stresses and anxieties arising from current circumstances, and their impact on work and life. We are able to offer a range of training and support programs in this area and we would be happy to provide more information on these upon request.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our service or resources, please contact us on 0845-872-1780 or by email at Our team are available during normal working hours and we would be delighted to help you

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