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Spire Murrayfield Hospital introduces £1m Stryker Mako Robotic Arm to transform hip and knee replacement surgery and significantly reduce recovery times

Posted: 13th December 2017

Spire Murrayfield Hospital is the first in Scotland to introduce advanced robotics during surgery – as state-of-the-art technology hits theatres north of the border.

The ground breaking Stryker Mako Robotic Arm, which cost almost £1m, is set to transform hip and knee replacement surgery. The robot means surgeons at Spire Murrayfield Hospital can customise operations to suit individual patients with the use of a personalised implant. It also allows surgeons to remove only the diseased part of the bone, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue.

The innovative technology aims to speed up the recovery process as well as reduce pain and the time needed to be spent in hospital.

Mr James Patton, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Spire Murrayfield, said: “This is a significant breakthrough for knee and hip surgery. Not only does the introduction of Mako robotics mean I can personalise every operation to suit each patient – it also allows me to make alterations mid-operation that just couldn’t be made using traditional surgical methods.”

He added: “We will be creating an exact imprint for where the precisely-measured implant will go. Even if minor adjustments to alignment and positioning need to be made during the operation the robot allows the surgeon to do that.”

One of the first patients to undergo the innovative procedure, Kenny, said:  ‘16 days after my operation, I’m glad to say; in fact I wouldn’t believe how good I’m feeling. I got into the hospital on the Tuesday afternoon; my operation was taking place early evening. I came back down to the room about 10pm. My hospital stay was only two days. I was surprised how quickly I was up on my feet and moving around.  I’m getting back to normal and I don’t have any arthritic pain whatsoever. I still have some post op pain but the physio team assure me that in the next few weeks that will recede.  I’m walking around my house just now, walking freely, I don’t have a limp – I had to limp for two and a half years. I don’t have this now and it’s just amazing. Here I am walking around quite comfortably. Everyday my knee is getting stronger.”

Mr Kenneth Hay, hospital director at Spire Murrayfield said: “We are proud to be the first private hospital in Scotland to use this innovative technology.  It is part of our continuing commitment to providing our community and the people of Scotland with outstanding healthcare services.”

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