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SortmyPC’s 10 Step Guide to Reducing the Risk of a Ransomware Attack

Posted: 13th July 2017

There is a new variant of ransomware, known as the Petya ransomware, which recently affected organisations on a global scale.

And it’s not just large organisations which are at risk, it is vitally important that all businesses are alert to the potential of an attack.

Phishing emails are used by cyber criminals to distribute these attacks, which will contain a link or attachment. If this link or attachment is opened it will install malicious software which will encrypt your files. They will become locked and you will not be able to access them. Often the first you will know of it is when you are asked to pay a sum of money for a decryption code to give you access to your data.

Over the last couple of years there have been several major cyber attacks and most of them have been distributed via email. These emails can be very authentic looking, but there are usually clues that they are not genuine. For example, the sender address or ‘to’ address may look suspicious, there may be spelling mistakes or the grammar may not sound right. In order to pick up on these clues however, it is necessary for all employees to be aware of the risks and always vigilant when opening emails. The risk should not be underestimated and we suggest that most organisations could be doing more to educate their team about the risks.

To help organisations reduce the risk of a ransomware attack we have compiled a 10 step guide to minimise email security threats. It is hoped that this document will enable organisations to keep employees informed of the risks and remind them of what to look out for. This will help to ultimately reduce the risk of a ransomware attack.

Click here to view: How to minimise email security threats

For further advice on email security and ransomware or how to minimise the risk to your business please contact SortmyPC to arrange a consultation.

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