Why should you be a responsible business?

Every business is linked to the community and society in which it operates and it pays to act responsibly. Involving your business in the community isn’t just about doing the right thing. It means behaving responsibly and dealing with suppliers who do the same. It also offers direct business benefits to SME’s:

So where do you start? As you focus on running your business it might seem daunting but being a responsible business can simply means changing your philosophy and amending some of your processes.

  1. Take stock, review your business processes
  2. Identify any gaps or areas that you could change or adapt
  3. Set out a plan to introduce any changes on an incremental basis
  4. Involve your employees in the process and take stock after a relevant period of time to agree next steps

One place to start could be, The Scottish Business Pledge which is a voluntary commitment made by companies in Scotland to uphold some of the best in modern business practices and to embrace the principles of fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

Fill out our quick and easy checklist to see how your business is currently doing.

Here is some helpful information to start you off on your journey. Click here for the toolkit.

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