Whilst Brussels and Westminster play a dominant part in shaping government legislation that impacts our members, it is equally important to ensure we help shape and influence the ever increasing policies that influence our members businesses. We are proud of the strength and depth of relationships we have in Holyrood and the MSP’s are always engaging and supportive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. This includes a variety of round table discussions and events.

Our members are fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds, whilst as Scotland’s Capital City Chamber of Commerce we enjoy close working relationships with Scottish government; we also have the important benefit of being a member of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC). Working with SCC we not only have unprecedented access to government, but also the opportunity to participate in key Scottish Government business projects supporting employment and growth. The SCC network has arguably the richest source of diverse business opinion and is highly respected across all political parties. As a Scottish network, we also have very productive relationships across all key government bodies supporting business.

You can view the European Referendum Survey report here and key highlights of the research below:

EU Infographic - Scotland + UK Comparison - Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network

Results of the EU Referendum Survey

EU Reform and the EU Referendum Network Briefing can be viewed here

Download our Local Economic Report for Edinburgh here.

Local Economic Report for Edinburgh Infographic 

The latest SCC Quarterly Economic Indicator for Q2 can be found here

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