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“Qvu”: A mobile application for real-time crowd-control

Posted: 20th July 2020

Worldwide the communities are working to curb the spread of COVID-19 and businesses are innovating to help serve communities. Qvu is one such innovative mobile application that we are developing to help businesses to better serve their customers. It provides businesses with a cheap and efficient method of monitoring customer inflow and outflow, thereby facilitating the crowd management in business environment resulting in improved customer safety and satisfaction.

How does it work:

Qvu will provide a system that automatically creates and updates a live record of the number of people entering and exiting a location at any given point of time.

It provides a cheaper and more efficient alternative to manual labour for recording the number of people in a particular area.  All that is required is a basic smartphone or a webcam.

Qvu will be able to maintain the customer record 24 x 7, removing the need for multiple shifts and allowing employees to be delegated to more meaningful tasks such as billing tills, providing customer service etc.

Qvu provides an interface to the general public to assist in planning their visits. A separate interface relays data on the real-time crowdedness of a location directly to customers’ smartphones, allowing them to make informed judgements about their safety and schedule trips with ease and confidence. It aims at providing a high level of satisfaction to your customers by saving them from discomfort of queues, while also observing the social distancing norms.

Businesses endorsing Qvu will benefit from an enhanced reputation for customer and employee safety whilst still maintaining high-level functioning/operations.

How to get involved?

We are currently looking for partners to collaborate with in the process of refining the app for optimal utilisation and performance. Members of the Chambers of Commerce will be provided with special concessionary terms and benefits. Long-term benefits can be further discussed via call or meeting. Images depicting the interface functioning are provided below.

About the developers:  

We are a part of the business administration and business analytics cohort at the University of Edinburgh.

For collaboration and further information, please reach out at:

Devashish Jain

Ph.: +44 7760145408


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