Shepherd and Wedderburn publish third edition of European Employment Law Guide

Posted on February 14, 2017 in News, Press Release

The employment team at Shepherd and Wedderburn has collaborated with a number of leading law firms across Europe to produce the European Employment Law Update for 2017.

Aimed at companies with a pan-European presence, this guide provides an overview of the key reforms being introduced to European employment law over the next year, including areas such as seconding employees, increased protections for whistleblowers, and legislation changes related to increased work-life balance. Key considerations related to traditional employment areas such as increases to the minimum wage and unfair dismissal are also explored.

Shepherd and Wedderburn partner, Katie Russell, an experienced advisor in employment law who co-ordinated and edited the guide, said: “Our team has a wealth of experience working with international clients, making us well placed to put the European Employment Law Update together. Whether you’re a company based in the UK or Europe, this guide offers a concise, thorough overview of the pertinent changes to European employment law for 2017.

With Britain’s impending exit from the EU, organisations already operating in or looking to expand into the European market need to be informed about any potential employment issues that may arise, and our guide provides them with an invaluable resource.”

Shepherd and Wedderburn’s employment team is renowned for its impressive technical expertise, proactive approach, and ability to deliver practical and commercial solutions. Working with clients, both across the UK and internationally, the team has a multitude of experience that extends to all areas of employment law.

Supported by global membership networks, the firm advises clients in over 90 countries and is involved in significant cross-border deals and issues with international and UK clients.

The European Employment Law Update can be downloaded here.


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