Key Considerations When Selecting an Offsite Meeting Venue

By Roger Ashworth on November 21, 2017 in Blog

Organising an Offsite meeting or conference brings several challenges; arranging attendees, designing and coordinating the agenda, and selecting and liaising with venues.

In the fourth article in our series we look at selecting a good venue which is an important place to start, so what makes a good venue for you?

Suitability based on purpose of the offsite – Knowing the teams focus will give you a great starting point on where to book your offsite. Maybe the team needs to get away
from the office to have some fun, team bonding and boost morale. Other times there may be a need to refocus on communication and collaboration. Your offsites purpose
should inform your venue choice.

Location – Does the venue offer the necessary bus, rail, road, bike or air links for attendees? Is the location quiet, close enough to accommodation if required, in a
safe area? Do not underestimate the value of outdoor space and the immediate surroundings – do they contribute to something special?

Size, Space & Environment – Is there sufficient seating capacity? Are the rooms big enough? Does the venue create the atmosphere you seek?

Availability – When planning always have two dates in mind as staff availability needs checking and it gives you options when talking with Venue providers. How flexible
are the venue if you change date?

Facilities – Good venues offer great facilities from meeting equipment, audio and display facilities, break out rooms, good access including arrangements for disabled
delegates and access to accommodation if required.

Service – Does the venue offer an event coordinator who is on hand to help you plan and set up your offsite?
Do they manage all the services provided during the day from refreshments to lunch arrangements so you are not rushing around.

Catering – You want your offsite event to be memorable and fun. Having good food which attendees enjoy and ensure there is something for everybody. You want an event
which leaves a lasting impression and chat about the food can be an element of a successful day, so checking the menus and catering arrangements deserves some attention.

Accommodation – Depending on the venue you have chosen and the guest list, you may need to consider accommodation options for your delegates. These do not need to be the
same as the venue but need to be close.

Reputation – Find out who else has used the venue, and check for good customer feedback.

Site Visit – Wherever possible make time for a site visit to get a good feel for the venue – the actual layout, the shape and set up of the rooms, is it clean and bright are the Events Team welcoming and helpful?

Offsite events provide a fabulous opportunity to motivate employees, bring a new team together, or help generate important strategic initiatives, so spending time and
budget to select the right venue is a sound investment.

Contact Riddle’s Court, Old Town, Edinburgh – a unique venue for exceptional events. Let’s discuss how we can help you deliver a great offsite. Get in touch at or tel 0131 510 8789 and ask for the Events Team.

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