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  • Is your workforce fit for the future?

    23 Feb By Linda Steedman

    Organisations across all sectors are experiencing a wide-range of workforce demographic challenges. As well as trying to manage the varying expectations of workers from different generations, they need to make the best use of existing talent and skills, whilst also preparing for the future.

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  • Workflow automation solutions: What are they? And do you need them?

    22 Feb By Richard Sweeny

    Your multifunction printer may already print, copy, scan, and fax, but did you know that the addition of software solutions can help you to multiply your productivity and improve your company’s efficiency?

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  • Making Edinburgh a fairer City

    22 Feb By Vivienne Robinson

    “A great city is one which commits to sharing success and improving the well-being and life experience of all its citizens”. This fair city approach is one of the four emerging goals highlighted in the early findings of the Edinburgh City Vision 2050. Individuals and businesses consulted would like Edinburgh to be a city without barriers to achievement and where a good quality of life is enjoyed by all.

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  • Roundtable with Cahal Dowds of Deloitte...what did we learn?

    21 Feb By Emma Reid

    Last week we had the privilege of hearing from Cahal Dowds, Vice Chairman and Head of US/UK M&A Corridor at Deliotte UK at our monthly Corporate and Partner Roundtable session. Cahal has 32 years of experience in the finance industry, and he shared his expertise with members on the transatlantic flow of capital through the US/UK Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Corridor. He was supported by Aaron Faulds, Director of Advisory Corporate Finance at Deloitte.

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