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  • Cars and Fuel – Impact of 2016/17 Changes on Your Tax Bill

    21 Apr By Chris Thomas

    A benefit-in-kind tax charge arises when a company car is also available for private use.

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  • The Future of Income Tax in Scotland

    11 Apr By Chris Thomas

    The thorny subject of income tax is one of the major discussion points in the run up to the May 7th Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

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  • Badlock: What we know so far

    7 Apr By Andrew Waite

    It seems like every vulnerability these days is given a branded makeover (see POODLE and Heartbleed) and Badlock is no different. Before the technical details have even been disclosed it already has its very own website and logo, but just what is Badlock? With the technical details scarce, Andrew Waite, Leading IT Security Consultant at Managed Services experts Onyx Group, takes a look at how concerned you should be, and the steps you can take today to help secure your systems.

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  • No room for complacency as Edinburgh aims to build on tourism success

    5 Apr By David Birrell

    British summertime is now here, signalling the beginning of an increase in visitors attracted to Scotland and our capital city. As national visitor numbers rose to 15.5 million last year, building on a successful 2014 which saw an international spotlight on Scotland, tourism continues to be a key driver for economic growth, attracting investments and creating new jobs.

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