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Miracle Sleep Aid Gets a Revamp!

Posted: 8th November 2018

MyHummy is the UK’s most coveted white and pink noise specialist.

MyHummy, the brand behind some of the most desirable baby sleep products, is shaking up the market once again. After revolutionising the industry by introducing white noise teddies that can be connected to a mobile phone earlier this year, on November 6th they unveiled an entirely new collection of teddy bear families. Unrivalled aesthetics and baby sleep safety are at the forefront of this next generation of bears.

What’s the secret of myHummy? These marvellous teddy bears emit 5 types of white and pink noise – sounds which calm babies and improve their sleep. A study of newborns found that 80% of babies fell asleep within five minutes when white noise was played. Compared with only 25% who fell asleep spontaneously in the control group. Why? Newborn babies are not used to silence. For nine months they were surrounded by sounds that could reach a whopping 111 decibels: mum’s heartbeat, her rumbling tummy, the muffled noise of the outside world. Babies associate the carefully selected sounds of myHummy with the comfort and security of being in the womb.

With the launch of an entire new collection of teddies myHummy are making a big push for baby sleep safety awareness. As per the Lullaby Trust guidelines, babies under 12 months should not sleep with toys in the crib. Every teddy bear in the new collection comes with a complimentary cot attachment ring so the bear can be easily secured out of reach of inquisitive little hands. The cot attachment also doubles as a teething ring so you can make the most out of myHummy day and night!

The new myHummy collection is divided into two families: the Sweethearts and the Smarthearts. Each bear has its unique name and style and they range in price from £44.99 to £84.99. All the teddies have the same basic functions but can be purchased with a wide variety of different, additional features to suit every home.

MyHummy is a groundbreaking technology company that continues to impress with innovative tech concealed within their carefully crafted teddies. All myHummy teddies are safe for use from birth, and – to every parent’s delight – machine washable! MyHummy products are imagined and created in the EU. This ensures the highest quality of not only the products, but the work environment of the people who put their heart into making them.

“We have worked tirelessly to bring this new collection of myHummy bears to life. Our goal is to even better support parents and their babies. We know how important sleep is and how well rested babies and parents make happy families. We have sleep at heart of everything we do.” – says Anna Skorzynska, the founder of myHummy.

MyHummy’s new collection is going to be a huge hit. With the new designs, additional sleep safety measures and an upgraded mobile app, myHummy has checked all the boxes of what you could ever desire in a sleep aid for your little one!

For more information or to request a sample please contact me directly at kirsty@myhummy.co.uk.


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