Membership types

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is Scotland’s capital city Chamber of Commerce. Established 230 years ago by Royal Charter our memberships are both exclusive and unique to any other chamber or business organisation across the world.  

Our membership offer continually evolves to meet the needs of our local, national and international members. To ensure we meet the requirements of organisations of different scale and type, and to tailor our benefits and support accordingly, we have developed the following membership types:

Capital City Member

This membership is available to a business that has up to 10 employees. Benefits, support and member engagement are uniquely developed to support this type of company.

Capital City Member (Charity / Association)

We have many charities and associations who already benefit from being a part of the capital city Chamber of Commerce irrespective of where they are located. This membership type recognises their specific needs.

Capital City Business Member

Based on market research and feedback, we continue to develop our membership package for organisations who have 11 - 100 employees. The value and member engagement has been tailored accordingly to the needs of these type of companies.

Capital City Corporate Member

As our capital city continues to grow in profile and international reach, we have introduced this new membership category for any business or organisation whose desire is to play an even more proactive role in the future development of our capital city. This membership type is not only available to businesses whose employee numbers exceed 100, but to those who want to enjoy the extra levels of engagement, benefits and support.  We have already welcomed existing members who have traded up to this type of membership including Skyscanner, Gleneagles Hotel and Emirates. We continue to attract new members from across the UK and beyond.

With all our memberships it is important that we understand your business and your needs. Not only does this allow us to advise you on the membership type available but also to make sure we continually innovate to provide the optimum value and service from our membership options. 

We would be delighted to welcome you to Scotland’s capital city Chamber of Commerce and to be part of the next phase of your and our exciting future. If you are interested in joining please contact the membership team.

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