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Managing Mindz

Posted: 20th July 2017

andrews blog.jpg22222Having launched two companies and worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes over the last 35 years, it is clear to me that corporate cultures can vary wildly.

Those who consider their workforce to be disposable and accept high churn may have a poor brand reputation, yet still be considered successful.

In an ideal world all companies will encourage and train their staff which will help to benefit the overall work pool. However, many companies don’t go far enough. Millions of pounds are wasted each year due to mental health issues and reduced productivity; yet little is done to address this. Generally, physical injuries and disabilities are catered for but addressing mental health in the workplace is still avoided.

Why so?

In smaller companies productivity is at a premium and quality staff can be vital to success. Yet how many of you have staff that work long hours and don’t take holidays, yet seem to achieve so little? Or do you have valued staff who are talking increasing amounts of time off work?

You may think you have a bond of trust with your staff but put yourself in their shoes. If they’re struggling they might not want to burden you with extra challenges or they may think that disclosing their problems will affect their chance at future promotions. Changes in working conditions or company mergers, can have a bigger impact on morale than you might expect.

Don’t lose revenue through lack of communication and understanding. Get some professional training and learn how to maximise the value of your workforce. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen and then wish someone had only told you sooner!

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