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27 Jun

12:30 — 14:30

Inspiring Women in Business Lunch with Catherine Topley

With shows like Orange is the New Black, Prison Break, and countless others dominating our screens, our perception of prisons is likely skewed. Aside from the image Hollywood shows us, we must wonder....

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27 Jun

08:30 — 10:30

Aspiring To Grow

28 Jun

09:00 — 10:30

Explore Export: Focus on Malta

30 Jun

08:30 — 10:00

Early Start with Dishoom


12 Jul

12:30 — 14:30

Chamber Dining Club at No11 Brasserie & Boutique Hotel

At No11 Brasserie & Boutique Hotel, Willie's motto is "nature has done all the hard work... a chef's job is to present natures flavours to best effect, with as little intervention as ...

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13 Jul

18:00 — 21:00

Edinburgh Chamber Annual Pub Quiz

21 Jul

08:30 — 11:00

Breakfast Speed Networking


9 Aug

12:30 — 14:30

Chamber Dining - Galvin Brasserie De Luxe

Enjoy a touch of Parisian style at our August Chamber Dining Club lunch. We'll be in the bustling city centre for our August edition of this ever-popular event, as we head to the stunning Galvin ...

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24 Aug

17:30 — 21:00

Edinburgh Chamber's Summer Mixer

25 Aug

08:30 — 10:00

Early Start with The Yard


6 Sep

09:30 — 11:00

Help Your Community, Help Yourself

Have you ever considered joining the board of a charitable organisation? We all know how important it is to support the third sector but it’s not just about money. Your skills and knowledge are ...

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31 Oct

10:00 — 11:30

How to Promote a Positive Workplace Culture

In the current context of workplace culture, emphasis tends to be on outcomes as opposed to engagement. Employees often find themselves under increasing pressure to meet excessive demands and deliver ...

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