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Europe Direct Edinburgh is here to help you, your business and your family. We are here to inform you about your rights and to find practical tips to help you move and work around the EU. We are part of a network of 16 centres in the UK, 500 across Europe which act as an interface between the EU and its citizens at local level.

The information centre is located within the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce office at 40 George Street. We display and hold materials on a variety of topics on the European Union, which explains what the European Union does, and why it is relevant to the people of Edinburgh and the UK.

The European Commission focuses its work around 10 key priorities, which can be found here. Our aim is to help you understand how these effect you. European Commission also works to help member states with their public spending ensuring citizens money is used for the best possible ends.

My name is Mayan Grace and I am the Project Manager who is here to help you with any enquires on Europe. Please get in touch via or facebook or twitter.

We provide free phone access to the Europe Direct telephone information services and web access the Europe website. The centre is accessible during normal business hours, Monday – Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday, 9am to 3pm. You can drop into the centre, or contact us by phone or e-mail. Tel – 0131 221 2999 or email –


Building a fairer Europe

Building a fairer Europe and strengthening its social dimension is a key priority for the European Commission. The European Pillar of Social Rights sets out 20 key principles and rights to support fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems.

EU institutions seek to fill more than 100 new graduate administrator roles. The EU institutions are currently recruiting dynamic and dedicated new graduates to fill more than 100 new graduate administrator roles through an open competition.

Commission awards the Seal of Excellence to 2300 researchers

The Commission has awarded, for the first time, Seal of Excellence certificates to more than 2300 researchers in recognition of their high-quality research proposals under the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). These are being awarded to all researchers whose 2016 MSCA Individual Fellowship proposals reached a score of 85% or above but could not be funded due to the highly-competitive nature of the MSCA programme.

Commission proposes five alternative scenarios for the future of Europe

View the White Paper on the Future of Europe is Commission's contribution to the Rome Summit of 25 March


Discover more about the European Pillar of Social Rights:

In this video the European Council explains who will do what in the Brexit negotiations

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