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Employee retention strategies: how to engage employees

Posted: 7th November 2018

By 20/20 Productions

Employee retention is becoming a greater challenge for UK businesses. Right now, it’s an employee’s market and to keep hold of your top talent, you need to keep competitive.

CIPD identified ‘a lack of career opportunities’ and ‘organisational changes’ as key push factors. So, organisations should be considering what they can do to remain attractive to their workforce in light of this.

Why not try some of these employee retention strategies?

Engaging training

Employees are highly motivated to remain with companies where their career progression is taken seriously. Organisations that mentor and support employees in reaching their personal development goals are much more attractive to top talent than those who merely facilitate their current role.

A common concern amongst employers is that they are devoting a lot of time and resources to upskill their workforce, only to lose them to other companies. According to Personnel Today, reports suggest that the opposite is true however. Top employees are more likely to stay if they feel supported on their journey to career success.

Keep your workforce on your side by incorporating relevant training, advice and guidance into your employee engagement strategies. Videos are a great tool for training employees as they are easily digestible and, if done well, engage the viewer.

Take a look at these creative learning videos we made for Heineken.

Clear internal communications

The best employee engagement strategies take good internal communications into account. Good internal communications has been proven to boost engagement and motivation in employees, leading to a higher rate of staff retention. In a business where employees are clear about organisational changes or how their role impacts the bigger picture, higher rates of productivity are reported compared with those that do not have a clear internal communication strategy.

There are all sorts of ways that you can communicate with your employees. Start by developing an effective internal communications strategy.

Unique events

Modern workers are seeking out companies that offer unique benefits. Engagement events are a great way to demonstrate that you’re invested in your team and can offer something a bit different for your employees.

For our client Standard Life Investments, we transformed a room into a Top Gear style ‘TV studio’ and invited employees to a live post-match debate with British and Irish Lions legends – a really fun way of giving back to employees.

There are so many ideas for engaging events that you can offer your employees, big and small. Get creative and think about how you can thank your team.

In an unpredictable time for UK businesses, retaining top talent is so important. Strong employee retention strategies will hugely benefit both companies and workers. Supporting employees by using clear communications, creating positive environments and developing skills will all contribute to a higher rate of staff retention.

Want to talk about more creative ways you can motivate employees? At 20/20 Productions, we produce creative events, videos and digital projects to engage your teams. To find out how we can help you, get in touch today!

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