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Cory Brothers Shipping Agency

Posted: 25th January 2021

Cory Brothers offers a comprehensive range of services for shipowners, charterers and traders around the world. Cory embraces the latest systems and technology, which provide us with the essential hardware we need to operate in a global shipping market. Our cutting-edge technology is complemented by expertise developed over more than 179 years’ operation, and delivered by experienced people with genuine local knowledge.

Cory offers “around the clock” Port Agency service. We provide constant information on every port call, along with local support, as well as arranging essential supplies, crew transfers, and customs documentation. Our local expertise ensures a smooth turnaround for your vessel. We will quietly and efficiently take care of all the regular routine tasks, 24/7. We’ll ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations are all arranged without delay. We’ll provide you with the updates and reports so you have up-to-the minute information that you need and want. That’s why so many of our principals trust us implicitly to look after their business, wherever they operate, and whenever they ship, right across the world.

Customs Clearance. Direct trader input to port operating systems across the UK, to clear everything from the smallest box, to the largest vessel. Customs clearance is an integral part of the Cory Brothers business. Our specialist, market-leading team will seamlessly handle all forms of paperwork required for customs clearance. In particular our team is well-versed in dealing with all the essential but very time-consuming documentation relating to oil, gas (LPG/LNG) and chemical cargoes. Their experience and close attention to detail ensures that whatever the destination, customs clearance becomes little more than a formality: just one less thing for you to worry about.

ShipTrak. Our proprietary web-based software, ShipTrak, enables you to access all the essential vessel operations information you need, wherever you are, at any time. Developed in-house at Cory Brothers and designed to help us monitor vessel operations across the world, we have made ShipTrak available to our customers as well, to ensure that the vital information and updates they need are at their fingertips, 24/7. As ShipTrak is accessible via the web, you can log on wherever you are and find all the information that you need. Whether that is updates, schedules or accounting data, or to create reports and to compare projections, all you need do is log on to ShipTrak website to access the information in real-time. ShipTrak also links seamlessly with 99% of shipping based systems and common office software, meaning less paperwork, fewer emails , and time-savings throughout your organisation as systems are updated directly. Wherever your vessel is, with ShipTrak’s unique software, you’ll be in the know.

Cory Brothers Ships Agency. Future focussed with 179 years’ experience.

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