About Our Courses

About Our Courses

The most powerful asset of any business is people. Investment in the training and development of your people is an investment in the future success of your business, helping you maintain a competitive advantage.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce offers a comprehensive and dynamic calendar of over 140 public and in-house business training courses, open to members and non-members.

Our Training Partners

We only work with hand-picked, specialist Training Partners, who are each experts in their fields and in the delivery of business training. Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce works closely and in partnership with a number of local academic institutions who offer a variety of additional short courses and professional training that you may be interested in.  Please see links to these respective institutions below:


Business Training Topics

Our courses are generally delivered over a half or full-day. However, some topics such as Management and Leadership, may involve deeper learning and so may be delivered over a number of sessions or days. We deliver courses on over 40 business topics, which can be grouped into the following four areas:

  • Skills for Business

    A diverse offering designed to upskill staff and support all the need of a growing business, including: Time Management, Report Writing, Networking Skills, Dealing with Difficult Situations and Negotiating & Influencing. Read More >>
  • Management and Leadership

    Training focused on driving business efficiency and growth through good management, including: Leading & Managing Change, Essential Management Skills and HR for Non HR Managers. Read More >>
  • International Business & Exporting

    Practical courses that will help you understand how to trade with the world, including: Custom Declaration Training, Understanding Export & Export Documentation, Import Procedures, Inward & Outward Processing, Custom Procedures & Documentation and Beginners Practical Guide to Exporting. Read More >>
  • Business Finance & Accounting

    A suite of courses exploring how the financial side of a business operates, including: Finance – The Basics, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Cash Flow Management and Budgeting & Planning Read More >>
  • Digital Marketing

    Our comprehensive digital marketing skills training package is designed to support your businesses with all the skills you need to grow, , including: Social media strategy and planning, Specific courses on social media channels, Using video to promote your business, Email marketing, Google analytics and Search engine optimisation. Read More >>
  • Bespoke Training Solutions

    Our team will coordinate throughout the programme, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery. The team will design courses that: Meets your specific objectives, fits within your preferred dates and availability and works within your budget. Read More >>