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A note of thanks

Posted: 29th August 2017

Business people of Edinburgh, you are amazing! And Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, you have plenty to be proud of!

To set the scene, I am an exiled Scot returning “home” in the next few weeks.

I am so excited!

And feeling a whole load of warmth and welcome.

And so, I want to reflect back some things you may have stopped noticing about yourselves. And to thank you.

I have spent a week each month since January building a network and exploring opportunities for my company to support businesses locally. I have also been scoping the opportunities to offer Scotland as a fabulous venue for the work we do for businesses from outside Scotland. We don’t export, and so I have an ambition to bring in half our revenue from external customers.

So, what am I noticing?

Quite simply – energy, bright eyes, and generosity. There is such an evident and impressive willingness to help. People are interested and interesting. Eyes light up around projects and possibilities. There is always new people to introduce, and avenues to explore. Edinburgh Chamber’s social media support has been tireless.

Place is a very important ingredient in the work we do. The venues and their settings in and around Edinburgh, and elsewhere around Scotland, are fabulous. I asked for help via LinkedIn to build up my understanding of these. To date I am gusting 5,000 views and loads of advice and ideas! VisitScotland have been incredibly helpful too.

Thank you

If you have stopped noticing and appreciating the amazing business community you are part of, I hope this short piece from a homecoming exile has helped a little to remind you. Thank you.

Dave Stewart
Managing Director
The Fresh Air Learning Company
Tel: 0800 052 7900

fresh airThe Fresh Air Learning Company is on a mission to breathe fresh air into the effectiveness and resilience of boards, senior teams and leaders.

Why? We know how shifts in self-awareness, trust, collective thinking, courageous conversations, and powerful storytelling can lift an organisation. Been there. Done it. And now helping others dodge the risks and leap ahead of avoidable underperformance.

How? Bespoke experiences, journeys and programmes. Outdoors. Indoors. The right place for the client. Powerful. Unforgettable.

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