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5 Top tips on logo design

Posted: 29th March 2018

What does it take to create a logo that appeals to and truly resonates with your target audience? Much more than meets the eye. Contrary to just being a ‘pretty’ symbol or icon that anyone can conjure up, logo design that stands the test of time requires a unique combination of skill, research and creativity.

A logo is often the first thing that identifies a brand. Both demanding and rewarding, creating a logo is a skilful process that presents the challenge of reducing a brand’s ethos to a single visual point.

So, how do you create a logo that captures an audience’s attention amidst masses of competition? It’s not easy, but we have come up with five top tips to guide you and help you to get the most out of your logo design…

1. Do your research

Yes, it sounds obvious, but research is the core building block to successful logo design, giving you a solid foundation from which to craft your own ideas.

Thoroughly researching your competitors will give you an idea of how you can stand out and create a logo that is a step above what is already out there. Not only does research offer you inspiration but it will also help you avoid the risk of replicating existing logos, especially those within your sector.

firefly 2

2. Sketch and process your ideas

Once you’ve researched the competition, focus on sketching as many ideas as you can. This process enables you to very quickly realise an idea and test various options to see, for example, how letterforms might link together, how relevant elements could combine to create an icon and how typography balances with iconography.

Don’t worry if the sketches and ideas aren’t perfect; the key is to explore various options and eventually refine them so that you have considered a wide variety of possibilities.

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3. Keep it simple

Simplicity is at the heart of all successful logo design.

A simple, well-executed idea often works much more effectively than an idea contrived to fit in with a particular fashion. Simplicity makes a logo easier to understand and more memorable. A clear, refined logo will grab the attention of the target audience and elicit a prompt reaction.

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4. Consider the practicalities

How will your logo be used? Reinforcing how important simplicity is in logo design, think about where your logo will feature. If it is going to be used on a label, is it simple enough to be recognisable when embroidered? Could it be used as a social media profile picture? Knowing these practical details will enable you to design your logo accordingly.



5. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional graphic designer to create your logo ensures research, careful consideration, creativity and skill culminate in producing a professional logo that will sit at the heart of your brand. This helps avoid the risk of needing to revisit the process a year or two down the line, devaluing any brand awareness you have already established.

The value of a professional looking, well thought-through logo cannot be underestimated – investment in your logo is an investment in your organisation.

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Find out more

At Firefly, we specialise in creating logos that not only look great but, in the wider context of an organisation’s brand, provide an essential focal point. Whether the brief demands something bold, graphic and impactful or a more understated typographic approach, we will ensure your new logo is unique and appropriate to your market.

See examples of previous logos that we have designed here, and if you’d like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Account Manager, Katrina Barry:

T: 0131 510 8262



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