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Appointedd continues to adapt to ever changing demands.

Posted: 2nd July 2021

As we cautiously emerge from lockdown there is a certain irrefutable excitement as the light at the end of the tunnel creeps into view. Inching closer to a post pandemic world, we have found great value in reflecting upon and learning from the devastating turbulence of the last year and how Appointedd has evolved to support business, big and small, through the most complex environment in living memory. Every action we take is driven by an intrinsic desire to make life easier with online booking, an omnipresent goal that inspired all our most recent releases, including:

– Microsoft Teams integration

– Multiple bookings in one transaction

– Capacity Flex

– Rescheduling (Coming Soon)

Whilst our online booking and scheduling tools have been adopted with great success by a plethora of industries, we have experienced a recent spike in interest from professional services of all sizes, as monumental industry shifts reveal new opportunities. From local tax advisors to national assurance and pension companies, Appointedd understands the nuances of your business and tailors tools to unlock seamless client journeys, enabling staff to spend less time on manual scheduling, and more time collaborating with clients, accelerating company growth.

MS Teams

The rate of change over the last year has been self-evident. Working from home, how we communicate, connect and create has undergone fundamental changes. As the prospect of normal becomes more feasible, the costs and benefits of these changes are dividing the nation. However, working closely with professional services firms, It is clear that clients desire flexible options, whether that’s to meet in person or virtually, it’s here to stay.

Appointedd meets the needs and desires of this flexible way of working via our online booking tools which seamlessly integrate with video conferencing platforms Zoom and with our new release Microsoft Teams. Our technology enables your clients to book consultants and billable staff in as little as 7 seconds. By automatically generating virtual meeting links, sharing them with automated communications and updating appointments with any relevant changes removes barriers between consultants and clients, saves up to 8 hours on manual scheduling per week, and lets your client-facing staff to focus on delighting clients.

Multiple bookings in one transaction

It is clear that across industries, the pandemic has upset many stable sources of revenue. Paired with the rising costs of dispersed operations, this general market uncertainty has reignited a push towards enhancing internal efficiencies and productivity. The stress test of the national lockdown has revealed bottlenecks that have struggled to adapt, particularly in areas that have relied on manual administration. Working closely with consultancies, it was identified that the biggest enemy of productivity was the endless back and forth required to organize both internal and external client meetings.

By making consultants seamlessly bookable online and with two-way calendar synchronization, your billable staff can continuously communicate availability with clients, eliminating the need for long email chains. Whilst our booking tools have increased booking conversion rates to 94% and department efficiency by 35%, we are never satisfied. Upon further analysis, we recognized that allowing team members and clients to book multiple services or meetings in one transaction allowed for more effective planning of projects and weekly meetings. Learn more about multiple bookings here.

Capacity Flex

Whilst there is a certain apprehension surrounding a return to the office, the majority of companies are preparing for a flexible return. Littered with complexities, managing such a flexible return poses a significant challenge to every industry. Many have turned to Appointedd’s online booking tools to form a core pillar of their flexible office management system. Allowing staff to book office resources in advance, not only enhances office efficiency but enables transparent contract tracing to ensure the return to office is as safe as it is flexible. Knowing our booking technology was keeping staff safe, we wanted to double down. That’s why we developed Capacity Flex, allowing office administrators to manage the maximum number of resources that can be booked depending on social distancing. This not only ensures that your office never breaches social distancing regulations but ensures you can easily flex with government regulations. You can learn more about capacity flex here.

Coming soon – Rescheduling

It is clear that lockdown has forced everyone to venture deeper into the digital world. Recent research has found that our heightened reliance on digital means that clients expect professional service providers to deliver a more seamless and personalized digital experience. With 70% of customers ready to consider alternatives when it takes more than a few clicks to find what they want, it’s clear that consumers are less patient and expect more than ever. At Appointedd we continuously drive to be one step ahead of customer expectations. Previously, when customers needed to reschedule, they would follow the cancellation link in their automated email, find a suitable time and follow the entire booking process again. However, with our recent developments, customers only need to follow a reschedule link, book a more suitable time and receive their new confirmation email. By ensuring customers and clients follow a frictionless booking flow, you not only save their valuable time, but lay the foundation for a delightful experience.

Appointedd’s cutting edge omnichannel booking experiences power some of the worlds most trusted brands including two of the big four accounting firms. If you would like to learn how to unleash the power of Appointedd then book a discovery call here.

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